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Keaveny Drug now operates closed-door pharmacy

NOV. 2, 2009

Prescriptions filled, delivered to nursing homes in a 65-mile radius

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

COKATO, MN - Some may have seen and wondered what the activity has been about at the former Ben Franklin building next to Keaveny Drug in Cokato.

It’s called a closed-door pharmacy, where a full-time staff, including two pharmacists, are dedicated to filling and delivering prescriptions solely to nursing homes.

The closed-door pharmacy, which is under the Keaveny corporation, began operating Oct. 13 and is closed to the public.

Keaveny Drug currently has 10 retail locations and when the closed-door pharmacy is fully up-and-going, it will be larger than the other locations combined, according to Deb Keaveny, owner.

The Keavenys decided to utilize the building next door to operate a closed-door pharmacy for two main reasons.

With the economy the way it is, the retail space wasn’t being leased, Keaveny said.

This was an opportunity to utilize the space the Keavenys’ already had.

Also, the number of prescriptions being filled for nursing homes is labor-intensive for the pharmacy staff, who were also working with walk-in customers.

“Staff will be able to give their undivided attention to customers walking in the door, and the nursing homes will also see a higher level of service because they are the priority of that dedicated staff,” Keaveny said.

Though the staff have regular hours Monday through Saturday, pharmacists are on-call 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

This allows Keaveny Drug to give nursing homes better support during on-call hours, Keaveny said.

The site will also be the location of Keaveny’s corporate office, she said.

The Cokato closed-door pharmacy currently fills prescriptions for nursing homes from Winthrop to Pierz, and as far west as Clara City, with the target being a 65-mile-radius, according to Keaveny.


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