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Seal coating of Lester Prairie streets to start Wednesday

June 1, 2009

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Weather and scheduling permitting, seal coating of Lester Prairie city streets will begin Wednesday, June 3 and continue through Friday, June 5.

There will be no parking on the affected streets during this period. Streets will be posted the evening prior to the work being done. Vehicles on the street will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The following streets will be seal coated:

Birch Street North, Cedar Street North, Central Avenue (south of Lincoln Ave.), Elm Street North, Fir Street North, First Avenue North, Hickory Street North, Hi-Mae Circle, Juniper Street North, Lincoln Avenue, Madison Avenue, Maple Street North, Oak Street North, Pine Street North, Second Avenue North, and Redwood Street North.

The seal coating process is used to prolong the life of the bituminous road surface.

Lester Prairie has tried to maintain a seal coating schedule to protect city streets, but the future of seal coating in the city will probably depend on the depth of budget cuts, according to City Clerk Marilyn Pawelk.

In 2007, Lester Prairie seal coated the city’s two new additions, East Park Estates and Prairie Ridge.

In 2004, the majority of the streets on the south half of the city were seal coated.

In 2003, most of the streets on the north end of town were done.

Pawelk said the city may not exactly be following the recommended three-to-five-year seal coating schedule, but added that “Every effort is being made to minimize the breakdown of the bituminous by keeping a surface on.”

“We have also gone to granite, rather than pea rock. This seems to give a harder surface and better wear,” Pawelk commented.

In April, the city council approved the low bids of $42,570 and $27,066 from Pearson Bros. of Hanover for the seal coating projects.

The council also approved a quote of $17,307 from Wm. Mueller & Sons of Hamburg for bituminous patching that was completed in preparation for the seal coating project.


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