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Updates from the Loretto Business Task Force
June 15, 2009

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

LORETTO, MN – In an update presented to the Loretto Business Group June 4, those present discussed the bid opening and awarding of the contract for the bike path that will connect Baker Park Reserve in Medina, and Crow-Hassan Park Reserve in Hanover and run through the heart of Loretto.

Bids for the project were opened May 12, with Doboszenski & Sons of Loretto being the apparent low bidder for the project. After review of the bids, however, it was determined Veit Specialty Contracting and Waste Management was the lowest bidder.

A pre-construction meeting is scheduled to take place Tuesday, June 16 with an anticipated start date for construction in Loretto to be Monday, July 6.

Hennepin County Road 19 is expected to be closed at the railroad tracks in Loretto from Monday, July 20 to Saturday, Aug. 1.

During the short-term road closure, an official detour route will be posted, directing northbound traffic on CSAH 19 to head east on Hennepin County Road 115, then north on Hennepin County Road 118, then back to Highway 55.

Prior to that portion of the project, some preparation work is being done by several companies that will include some minor power outages.

Xcel Energy began the switch-over from the old poles to the new poles June 11, and will continue until all of them have been completed (which could take until the end of June).

An Xcel representative is going out to the businesses that will be affected and giving them a two-day notice prior to the time that the power is to be going out.

At the meeting, Loretto Public Works Director Jeff Leuer said Xcel Energy will be working with the affected businesses as to the best time to shut down the power, and he said it is expected each business will endure roughly a one-time, four-hour outage.

Project background

Hennepin County, the Three Rivers Park District, and the cities of Loretto and Medina have been working together on a regional trail project between Baker Park Reserve and Highway 55.

The trail will be a multi-use pedestrian/bicycle trail along the east side of CSAH 19, and will fill a three-mile gap in a nine-mile trail corridor that will connect Baker Park Reserve in Medina to Crow-Hassan Park Reserve in Hanover, as well as the Luce Line State Trail.

The remaining six-mile portion was constructed as part of the roadway project north of Highway 55.

As the trail goes through Loretto, it will be on the east side of the roadway and be located where the sidewalk is presently.

The 10-foot-wide paved regional trail will support walking, jogging, hiking, dog-walking, inline skating, and bicycling.

For more information on the bike path project

Information on the project and updates can be found online at www.co.hennepin.mn.us.

Type “trail project” into the search feature on the upper right of the home page, and the CSAH 19 trail project should appear as the top result.

One may also contact the Hennepin County Transportation Department at 1600 Prairie Drive, Medina, MN, 55340 or by calling (612) 596-0300.

Information will also be posted on the City of Loretto’s web site at www.ci.loretto.mn.us.

Volunteers needed for playground construction

The Loretto City Council approved a playground for “The Ponds” neighborhood in the amount of $14,326.

Two days worth of volunteering are needed to complete this project Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

The goal is to have 10 workers each day, with the days possibly being split into shifts. The first day will consist of unpacking materials, drilling holes, setting posts in cement, and installing borders.

The second day will consist of playground assembly, and the layout of wood carpet. If 15 volunteers can make it Friday, assembly can begin Friday afternoon and then Saturday could be a half day of work.

Both days require manual help with shoveling and leveling areas within the playground. Loretto public Works Director Jeff Leuer will be on hand with the skid loader to prep the site, drill the holes, and supervise volunteers. Flanagan Sales will also have a supervisor on site.

The city will supply hot dogs, chips, and pop for lunch both days for the workers. The city is looking for volunteers to grill the hot dogs and to help get the food out.

Pieces of equipment are also needed for the project. For a full list of what is needed or to schedule a time you can work, contact Kent Torve via e-mail at ktorve@wenck.com. Loretto City Hall can also be contacted at (763) 479-4305.

Loretto Fun Fest update given at meeting

A brief update was given on planning for the annual Loretto Fun Fest, which is set to take place Saturday, Sept. 19.

This will be the 10th annual Fun Fest, it was noted, and will feature softball games, fireworks, and food.

Other things in the works include a possible display and plowing demo by the Northland Oliver Club, a car display by the Pair-A-Dice Cruisers, clowns, pony rides and a petting zoo, bingo, among other things.

Next task force meeting set for July 9

The next meeting of the Loretto Business Group is set for Thursday, July 9 at 10 a.m. at the Loretto City Hall.

Any interested business owners or representatives are encouraged to attend to receive updates on the bike path project, as well as discuss other concerns or issues.


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