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Mike Lynch to visit the area over the next several weeks

March 16, 2009

By Lynda Jensen

COKATO, MN – To the delight of local starwatchers, radio personality and WCCO meteorologist Mike Lynch will once again be visiting the area in the next several weeks with his stargazing class.

Lynch will be in Cokato Thursday, April 2 at the Cokato Township Hall from 8 to 10 p.m. He will also be in Hutchinson Tuesday, March 24 at the Hutchinson Middle School from 7 to 9 p.m.

To see a photo taken Wednesday of a sun dog between Cokato and Howard Lake, click here.

Lynch’s itinerary takes him all over the state and Wisconsin; and he is not expected to visit this close for some time.

In 2006, Lynch visited Cokato but was rained out. Nevertheless, Lynch’s sense of humor and teachings of the stars made for an interesting evening regardless.

At the time, he provided packets with the many constellations and a map for April and May stargazing. The audience of all ages learned what stars are made of and what can be seen with the naked eye.

Lynch has worked for WCCO Radio as a meteorologist since 1981, but has been teaching classes on astronomy since 1973. Some of his inspirations for stargazing includes the U.S. Space program and the moon landings.

He’s built three telescopes throughout the years and teaches star gazing in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Lynch has also written the book, “Mike Lynch’s Minnesota Starwatch.” His motto is while teaching astronomy is “making the stars your old friends.”

At Lynch’s stargazing class, the first half hour is devoted to an indoor orientation of the night sky with maps and constellation diagrams provided.

From there, attendees go outside and take in the celestial show going on overhead.

“You’ll take a constellation tour and share some of the lore of Big Bear, Little Bear, Cassiopeia, and many more. You’ll also use large telescopes to take a closer view of the beauty in the night sky,” Lynch commented.

To make reservations

For reservations to the Hutchinson class, call (320) 587-2975 or click here. For reservations to the Cokato class, call (320) 693-2354 or click here. Check out Lynch's stargazing web site.


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