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New interior design company has good taste
October 5, 2009

Owner’s work reflects clients’ personalities and lifestyles

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – Miranda Brouwer’s world is one of limitless color, texture, and style possibilities.

An interior designer who recently started her own business, 26-year-old Brouwer has been passionate about design for as long as she can remember.

“My sister and I used to play this game where we’d find a floor plan in a magazine and cut it out,” Brouwer said. “Then, we’d cut out pictures of lamps and furniture from other magazines and create this dream home.”

Brouwer’s business name, Fusion Designs, is testimony to her vision and creativity.

“It has a double meaning,” Brouwer explained. In addition to interior home design, Brouwer has commercial clients, and also designs weddings and other events.

“I believe that great design has no boundaries, which has allowed me to blur the lines of traditional design,” Brouwer said. “This combination results in a fusion of styles.”

Her projects range from in-depth enhancements for sophisticated homes, to a few hours of idea planning for people who want to make the most of the space they have.

“Design is not just for high-end clients,” she said. “Design is for everyone.”

Brouwer said she enjoys the challenge of finding the right look at a price her clients can afford.

“As a homeowner myself, I understand the need to be cost-effective,” she said, adding that she charges about half of what most designers charge.

“I get so much fulfillment out of assisting people I can relate to,” she said.

The slow housing market has given Brouwer the opportunity to help homeowners who were planning to sell their homes.

Instead of upgrading to a new home, Brouwer’s clients often seek ideas of how to make their current homes function better.

“We use the existing pieces they have and alter them a bit or use them in a different way to get a fresh look without spending a lot,” she said.

Fresh paint, new light fixtures, or a kitchen backsplash can add value to a home without costing a fortune, Brouwer said.

“I also help people get their houses ready to go back on the market when it turns around,” she said.

Adding a new countertop or flooring, for example, can differentiate a home from other houses for sale.

“Anything that can make a home stand out is totally worth it,” she said. – “In the grand scheme of things, they’re going to get a lot more.”

If a client is interested in Brouwer’s services, Brouwer first goes to the person’s house for a complimentary consultation.

“We get to know each other, and I learn what their goals and visions are for the space,” she said. “I can see what’s working for them, and what’s not.”

If someone is unsure about a face-to-face consultation, Brouwer said she welcomes phone conversations, as well.

She strives to help each client’s individual personality show through in her work.

“Design is so personal,” she said. “It has to function for you, and you have to enjoy it.”

Brouwer often provides color consultations, space planning, furniture selection, and more for her clients.

When planning a space, she takes measurements and uses Auto Cad to give people a better understanding of their options.

Brouwer’s main client base is in Delano, Medina, and Waconia, but she has done projects for people all over Minnesota as well as western Wisconsin.

“There are a lot of really great shops around here to refer people to,” she said.

Before starting Fusion Designs, Brouwer worked for interior design firms throughout the Twin Cities.

“I worked with a lot of very talented designers,” she said.

Throughout college and her early career, Brouwer also did freelance projects on the side.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Minneapolis in March 2006.

For more information about Fusion Designs, go to www.fusiondesignstyle.com.


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