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Phase two of Highway 12 construction set to begin

March 9, 2009

DELANO, MN – As reported recently and discussed at public meetings, phase two of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) Highway 12 reconstruction is set to begin Monday, March 9.

While the bulk of construction is slated for July through October 2009, railroad construction crews will require periodic road closures starting next week.

Railroad construction crews will continue work on replacing the Highway 12 railroad bridge beginning Monday, March 9.

Since November, the railroad has been working on the bridge replacement without interruption to traffic flows.

This week, however, they will begin knocking concrete off the existing bridge in preparation for its demolition. As a result, MnDOT will be detouring traffic for the week during railroad construction periods.

It is expected this phase of construction will last four days – from Monday, March 9 through Thursday, March 12. Railroad crews will be working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during this time period.

The railroad is hopeful to reopen the underpass each evening when crews are not working for local traffic.

Project schedule

This phase of highway construction will contain three parts, as follows:

• March 9 to March 12: Railroad bridge reconstruction.

• Late April to late May: Railroad bridge reconstruction.

For approximately a one- month period, the railroad underpass will be closed and Highway 12 traffic will be detoured.

During this time, the foundation for the new bridge will be prepared and the bridge replacement will take place.

Once substantially complete in late May, there will be some final construction work to take place on the abutments with the MnDOT phase of construction which follows.

• July 6 to late October: MnDOT will be reconstructing Highway 12 from the railroad underpass north past the Delano Legion Club property and reconstructing Bridge Avenue from Highway 12 to the river bridge.

The reconstruction will involve replacing the underground utilities, widening of the roadway, construction of sidewalks, lighting improvements, and additional access control.

It is expected the work will be substantially completed by late October. This will be the last phase of the Highway 12 improvement project.

2009 Highway 12 detour route

The 2009 Highway 12 detour route will be different from the 2008 detour in several ways.

First, a different route is planned for detour traffic. Eastbound traffic coming from the west will be detoured in Montrose, directed south on Highway 25.

At that point, traffic will be directed east on Wright County Road 30. The detour will follow Wright County Road 30 and rejoin Highway 12 in Delano, at the intersection near the Dairy Queen and Country Mall.

Westbound traffic will follow the same route in reverse order.

The second difference with the 2009 detour compared to 2008 is that it will be intermittent.

The detour will follow the construction phases listed above, and during times when construction activity is dormant, the regular Highway 12 route will reopen.

Highway 12 Task Force

The Highway 12 Task Force, a sub-committee of the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce, is continuing its work to promote Delano through road reconstruction.

The task force meets regularly to discuss the status of the Highway 12 project, brainstorm methods to promote Delano, and take action on initiatives to strengthen the business community.

The next meeting of the Highway 12 Task Force is Tuesday, March 17 at 9 a.m. at the State Bank of Delano.

For more information and updates

Throughout the duration of construction, the City of Delano will utilize e-mail to send out information on the project as it comes available.

If there is information that one feels would be helpful that may not have been shared to date, please e-mail hwy12@delano.mn.us with your question or comments.

The city’s web site - www.delano.mn.us – has a special section with Highway 12 information under the “Projects” heading.

On this site, the city is posting construction drawings and a computer-simulated video of the finished Highway 12 project, plus frequently asked questions and the city’s responses.

This site will continue to be updated throughout the project with information as it becomes available.

To speak to someone regarding the project specifics, you may contact any of the following:

Rick Beckes, MnDOT project supervisor, (320) 223-6536;

Vince Vander Top, Delano city engineer, (763) 479-5124;

Ernie Eden, Delano public works director, (763) 972-0580;

Phil Kern, Delano city administrator, (763) 972-0565.


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