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Delano council tables public safety requests until construction is done
September 17, 2009

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – Members of the Delano City Council want to wait until road construction is done and until more information can be obtained before taking action on a number of public safety items within the city.

Public Safety Director Bob Van Lith presented six requests to the council at its Sept. 1 meeting that had been looked at by the Delano Public Safety Committee Aug. 24.

The first included the installation of a sign south of Seventh Street on Wright County Road 17 directing vehicles driving north to turn onto Seventh Street to get onto Highway 12.

The second request was to make the intersection of Franklin Avenue East and Third Street South a three-way stop until the “hump” is removed from that intersection.

“I think that’s a great idea,” commented Council Member Betsy Stolfa, adding concerns about people’s speeds through that area and that she feels it’s a dangerous intersection. She said children have said going over the hump in the back of a school bus is like being on a “thrill ride.”

Council Member Brad Hotchkiss said the elimination of the hump from the intersection is a major expenditure, and said sewer and water lines have been formed under that street to meet the hump.

The third project dealt with the painting of turn lanes on Fifth Street South at the intersection of Fifth Street South and Highway 12.

“All three projects are impacted by current construction,” Hotchkiss said, encouraging the rest of the council to wait until after road construction is completed to make any decisions about the issues.

“Traffic flow will change in a drastic way,” he added. “You’re not going to have all the people going through there you do today.”

Addressing the speed issue on Franklin Avenue/Third Street South and the hump, Mayor Joe McDonald said it does not make sense to put stop signs in to slow traffic. It was noted it could be more of a sight-line issue.

Another request from Van Lith was for the council to pass a noise ordinance and a “no jake break” ordinance for the city, however, the council did not have any additional information to consider for the request.

“I don’t have any details,” Stolfa said.

Van Lith said this has been an issue in Delano for several years. It had been brought to a previous city council but was never passed.

“We researched it and the council decided not to do it at that time,” Van Lith said. The council directed further study be done on the issue, as well as the issue of closing off Second Street South at the intersection of River Street South and St. Peter Avenue East. A final request was made to trim trees as needed at the intersection of River Street South and St. Peter Avenue East.

The council decided to table the requests for 45 days and revisit them at that time. Council Member Larry Bartels opposed the motion to table the requests.

“There’s a lot of stuff to think about then pass this stuff as a mass consent item,” Hotchkiss said.


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