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Franklin Township looks at combining seal quote bids with City of Delano
April 13, 2009

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, MN – Franklin Township Supervisor Bill McMullen met recently with officials from the City of Delano on various cost savings between the city and township.

At the township’s monthly meeting last Monday, an idea to combine both the city and township seal coating project bids/quotes together was discussed.

The company bidding can choose to bid just the city, just the township, or both. The board agreed this could yield significant cost savings, and agreed to request proposals to seal coat the Indian Hills and Boulder Woods planned unit developments.

The board will also request a proposal for a bituminous overlay on 95th Avenue.

Meridian Avenue road condition addressed

Several property owners were present at the meeting and told the township board the road conditions are bad, especially after rain, on Meridian Avenue.

The board discussed the issue with residents and will drive the road. A resident questioned if the dust control mixture makes road conditions worse.

A resident also asked what kind of warranty comes from those who perform work on township roads. It was noted warranties range from one to three years, depending on the work being done.

Two variance requests approved by board

The township board heard and approved two variance requests at its meeting.

The first was from Martin Wandersee, who wished to add three acres to his existing property, which is an improvement as far as the land use plan.

Wandersee said this will square off his land with his neighbors. The board approved his request.

The second request was to allow Mike Sturman of Fannon Avenue Southeast to construct a pole shed that would be set back 35 feet from the center line of the township road instead of 65 feet.

Sturman said two close neighbors both were fine with the shed location.

The board discussed the plan with Sturman, and felt it wanted the shed set back further from the roadway than 35 feet and reached a consensus of a setback of 42 feet from the center line of the township road.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board:

• designated McMullen to be board chairperson after township supervisor Mike Barfknecht declined the position.

The board also designated township supervisor John Czanstkowski Sr. as vice chairperson after Barfknecht declined.

The board chairperson has the authority to sign checks, and the vice chairperson has the authority to do so in the absence of the chairperson.

• noted spring weight restrictions are on as of March 13.

• set a spring road tour for Monday, April 13 at noon. The board will meet at the town hall and drive the township roads.


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