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St. Paul’s United Church of Christ celebrates 130th anniversary

March 30, 2009

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – In a Franklin Township church back in 1879, a special meeting was held by the Salem Lutheran Congregation to begin planning for a new church in Delano.

When they conducted a dedication service for the new building, located at 201 Buffalo Street, it marked the beginning of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ and this year marks its 130th anniversary.

“Many events are planned to celebrate our anniversary,” said Rev. Richard (Dick) Flynn, who has been with the church since 2007. “Each month, we will be highlighting the people we live and work with. We also have projects planned to update our church and preserve it’s history.”

The church building will be repainted and landscaping work will take place with help from Dave Rieder, a member of the congregation.

Photographs of confirmation classes are being collected from each year. To date, there have been 70 confirmation classes and anyone who has a picture of one of these classes is encouraged to add them to the display.

A videotape history of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is being put together full of interviews with life time members.

Another project in the works involves the cemetery, which is located three miles west of the church on Highway 12. Jon Wedemier will be updating cemetery records as part of his Eagle Scout project and making them searchable database online.

The church has also been selected by the United Church of Christ to take part in a renewal program for the next two years. Church growth will be the main goal of this program.

“I believe ours is the oldest church building in Delano.” said Flynn. “We welcome people wherever they are on their spiritual journey and all are invited to help us look forward, and celebrate our 130th anniversary with the motto: ‘That they may all be one John 17:21.’”

For more information about St. Paul’s United Church, contact the church at (763) 972-6689, visit http://4212.webmedley2.com or e-mail Pastor Flynn at stpaulunited@frontiernet.net.

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ 130th anniversary celebration

Visit St. Paul’s United Church of Christ as it celebrate its 130th anniversary Sunday, April 19.

A joyous service of worship is planned. Rev. Karen Smith-Sellars will be the guest preacher, and there will be music by Paul Kosower and Singleton Street.

Historical remembrances will take place, Delano Mayor Joe McDonald will read a proclamation, and a congregation photo will be taken in front of the church.

The anniversary will be followed by a free brunch. For more information, contact the church at (763) 972-6689.


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