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Township Roundup

Sept. 7, 2009

Winsted Twp. finishing projects
Bergen Township is in the process of completing Acorn Avenue construction, as well as finishing tree trimming on Zion Avenue, Clerk Susan Goebel said.

The township is also looking into purchasing additional gravel for some township roads, she added.

Hollywood Twp. changes levy
At the continuation of Hollywood Township’s annual meeting Aug. 17, the board approved the general fund levy of $65,000, Clerk Becky Burns said. Last year, the general levy was $73,275.

The road and bridge levy was approved for $120,000, she added. Last year’s road and bridge levy was $100,000.

Middleville Twp. approves wind generator for hobby farm
At the Aug. 11 meeting, the Middleville Township board approved a permit for a wind generator to be built on Larry Mader’s hobby farm, Clerk Joey Berg said.

The 120-foot wind turbine is a 20 kilowatt system, and will resemble an “old-style windmill” in appearance, he said.

“It should produce enough electricity for everything they need plus a little more, which will get sold back to the electric company,” Berg said.

Gas pipeline to be replaced under Camden Twp. roads
In November, Northern Natural Gas will replace and upgrade a pipeline that will cross 90th Street, 86th Street, 74th Street, Union Avenue, and 63nd Street in Camden Township, Clerk Roger Sauerbrey said.

The pipeline will be underneath the roads, so that they won’t have to be closed, he said.

Camden Township is also reviewing the final draft of the 2030 comprehensive plan, considering renting equipment to cut brush along township roads, and looking into purchasing a tractor for cutting road banks.

Bergen Twp. to finish Zero Avenue
The rebuilding of Zero Avenue will be completed by the next Bergen Township meeting, Thursday, Sept. 10, Clerk Amy Meyer said.

Also, at the Aug. 13 meeting, the Lester Prairie Fire Department talked to township supervisors about the possible purchase of an automatic CPR device, Meyer added.


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