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Township roundup

Nov. 23, 2009

Marysville notices mud on roads
At the Oct. 26 meeting, Marysville Township officials discussed mud deposits on some township roads.

Owners and drivers depositing debris are liable for all damages and/or cleanup done to the township road.

“This is against the law and subject to liability by the owner and any drivers per Minnesota statute 169.88,” noted Clerk Dorothy Rahn.

“We realize that is a bad year, but we would appreciate cleaning up after yourself so we don’t have to,” Rahn stated.

Also, recycling pickup was not enough to earn the township a bonus. In order to earn the $250 incentive, which is paid by Wright County, the township needs to report 35 pounds of recycled products per quarter per household.

“Let’s pick up the pace,” Rahn commented.

Woodland to fix drainage issues
Woodland Township, along with the City of Waverly, has decided to remedy drainage issues on 70th Street by installing a new culvert, Clerk Gloria Janikula said.

Water on the north side of the road is only a few inches from the top of the road, which is causing the shoulder to become soft.

Camden Twp. officials attend conference in Rochester
Three officials from Camden Township attended the Minnesota Association of Townships annual conference Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at the Mayo Civic Center.

Clerk Roger Sauerbrey said the conference has training sessions and helpful information for township officials.


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