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Township Roundups

Dec. 28, 2009

Bergen special meeting Jan. 4
There will be a reorganization meeting for Bergen Township Monday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. at the township hall, Clerk Amy Meyer said.

During the meeting, officials will discuss fees, salaries, and meeting dates for the year, Meyer said.

At the Dec. 10 meeting, the board heard that the township snow equipment is ready for snow removal.

Also, land rent was paid to homeowners who were affected by the work on Zero Avenue, Meyer added.

Hollywood discusses radio tower
The radio tower that used to be used by the B96 radio station will probably be donated to either Hollywood Township or Carver County, Clerk Becky Burns said.

The radio station doesn’t use the tower anymore, and it is now used for the 911 system.

“The radio station would like to donate it before the end of the year,” Burns said, adding that she doesn’t know whether it will go to the township or county.

Camden looks into cartway
At the Dec. 10 Camden Township meeting, the board discussed cartway regulations, Clerk Roger Sauerbrey said.

The cartway would basically be a private driveway with an easement for a residence in the township, Sauerbrey said. There are a number of Minnesota state statutes that the township plans to research before any action is taken.

Victor Twp. to hand-count ballots
Victor Township officials decided that for their next election, they won’t use the ballot counter, and will hand-count the ballots instead, Clerk Sharon Glessing said.

“This will save the township about $300,” she said.

At last Monday’s meeting, the township also decided to go with a silver maintenance agreement for its election equipment, Glessing added.

Winsted Twp. to get gravel bids
Winsted Township is putting together a proposal to get gravel bids early next year, Clerk Susan Goebel said.

The board is hoping to have a proposal together by the Thursday, Jan. 14 meeting, she said.

Winsted Township also recently signed its 2010 road maintenance agreement. There is no set dollar amount, Goebel said, and work is paid by the hour.

Middleville grader gets upgrade
At the Dec. 8 Middleville Township meeting, the board heard that the township road grader is getting a new engine, Clerk Joey Berg said.

The grader is still under warranty, and Caterpillar recalled the grader to upgrade the engine to a more powerful one. The upgrade doesn’t cost the township anything, Berg said.


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