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Township Roundup

Oct. 5, 2009

Hollywood Twp. not renewing police contract for 2010
At the Sept. 14 Hollywood Township meeting, the board decided to not renew its contract with the Carver County Sheriff’s Department for 2010, Clerk Becky Burns said.

In the past, the Carver County Police Department provided the township with 50 minutes per day of patrolling, at a cost of about $11,000 per year.

The department will still respond to emergency calls in the township, but will not patrol the roads.

Hollywood Township also worked on the 2030 comprehensive plan, Burns added.

Victor Twp. re-approves two CUPs
At the Victor Township meeting for Sept. 14, the board reviewed and approved two existing conditional use permits, Clerk Sharon Glessing said.

One permit was for a business, and the other was for a mobile home, she said. The permits are reviewed every two years.

Victor Township is also looking into a grant for upgrades to polling places, Glessing said.

Middleville to look into new shop for Mages Truck & Trailer
At the Middleville Township meeting Sept. 8, the board heard that Don Mages, owner of Mages Truck & Trailer along Highway 12, is interested in building a new shop on his existing property, Clerk Joey Berg said.

“We have to do some checking with the ordinances to see if it’s allowed,” Berg said. When planning and zoning came into effect in 1978, the area was zoned agriculturally, but the business was grandfathered in, he explained.

Woodland Twp. approves permit
At the Sept. 14 Woodland Township meeting, officials approved a conditional use permit for Wright Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association, Clerk Gloria Janikula reported.

Wright Hennepin will be adding a distribution substation at the northeast corner of the junction of Wright County Road 30 and Wright County Road 10/110, she said.

Marysville discusses construction
At the Sept. 30 Marysville Township meeting, representatives from the Wright County Highway Department were present to discuss Highway 12 road construction for 2010, Clerk Dorothy Rahn said.

The highway department is considering changing the angle of 8th Street in Marysville Township as part of the construction, but everything is preliminary for now, Rahn said.

Marysville Township approved the removal of an old culvert located in the township along Highway 12. Two property owners will be replacing it with a new culvert, Rahn said.

Larson Allen has been chosen to do the 2009 audit for the township.


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