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Two arrested in Watertown and Delano burglaries

Oct. 26, 2009

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

WATERTOWN, MN – A Delano man and a Watertown woman have been arrested in connection with a rash of burglaries in the Watertown and Delano area during the past month, according to Carver County Sheriff Byron ‘Bud’ Olson.

Stacy Marie Meyer, 33, of Watertown, and Joshua Donald Smith, 24, of Delano have been charged in the incidents.

Carver County deputies, along with West Hennepin Public Safety and Wright County Sheriff’s deputies participated in the investigation and arrests.

Between mid-September and Oct. 22, Carver County received reports of 15 burglaries and a stolen vehicle which appeared to be related. In similar cases, West Hennepin police received reports of several burglaries, and Wright County Sheriff’s Deputies received reports of numerous burglaries and auto thefts as well, primarily in the Delano area.

Carver County deputies served a search warrant Oct. 15 in Watertown, where they recovered property believed stolen from all three jurisdictions listed above.

After the search, they arrested Meyer for possession of stolen property.

It is also believed Meyer may have participated in up to six burglaries, according to the sheriff’s office.

Also on Oct. 22, deputies caught up with and arrested Smith, who is suspected of committing about 30 burglaries and at least four vehicle thefts. Forgery, fraud, and drug charges are also expected to be filed against Smith, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Watertown and surrounding communities are safer with the arrest of these two individuals,” Olson said.

A significant amount of property has been recovered from these crimes and the owners of some of this property have not yet been identified. Olson is asking anyone who may have been a victim of these criminals to contact their local law enforcement agency and file a report.

“We want to return the recovered property to its rightful owners,” Olson said.

Olson reminds all citizens to be vigilant in locking their doors and reporting any suspicious activity.

“Alert citizens who report suspicious activity are of invaluable assistance to law enforcement and their community in detecting crime and keeping us all safe,” Olson said.

Anyone who has additional information related to these incidents or any other crime, is asked to contact the Carver County Sheriff’s office at (952) 361-1212. After hours call (952) 361-1231. Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous you may leave a message on the TIP line at (952) 361-1224 or the sheriff’s office web site.

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