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Free concert at HT with returning band, LightSwitch

April 6, 2009

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – Four brothers who make up the band LightSwitch are excited to be returning to Winsted to perform at a free concert at Holy Trinity High School gym from 7 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 22.

“Last year’s concert (at Holy Trinity) was great. We had an excellent turnout,” LightSwitch band member Abe Romo said. “We really enjoyed being there and meeting people afterwards. We are looking forward to coming back this year.”

“We have some new songs and hopefully, overall, a more accomplished sound and performance,” Abe said, “but we will let that be up to our fans to decide.”

The concert, featuring the Christian alternative rock band, is part of the kick off to this year’s Higher Ground Music Festival.

The price of Wednesday’s concert is free, but the Higher Ground committee is giving everyone attending the option of making a nonperishable food donation for the McLeod County Food Shelf. Donations will be accepted at the door.

The brothers, Abe, 27; Gabe, 22; Moy, 20; and Sam, 16, are also looking forward to returning to the Higher Ground Music Festival Aug. 14.

“Last year’s festival was amazing! Higher Ground is one of our band’s favorite festivals.” Abe said. “It is very family-friendly, which is one of the reasons it has been such a successful festival.”

“We wished we could have stuck around longer after the show last year,” Abe said. “This year we plan on spending the entire day at Higher Ground, meeting people and hanging out.”

LightSwitch has been busy since coming to Winsted last year. The brothers have had the opportunity to play at approximately 70 other concerts this past year, and in between concerts, they have been busy building a recording studio for their next CD project.

Besides plans for a new CD coming out in the fall, the group is looking at a possible national tour later this year.

The band’s current CD is named LightSwitch, and has 10 songs, including the band’s hit song “We are Strong.” The brothers work on their songs together, but usually it’s Abe who writes most of the lyrics.

The name LightSwitch represents switching from darkness to light as lives are turned over to Jesus, based on Romans 13:12, according to their web site www.lightswitchband.com.

The brothers are from a small town in western Wisconsin, and live on a farm.

“Right now, we have beef cows and a lot of hayfields, but the new thing is a lot of apple trees,” Abe said. “I think we have about 500.”

The group agrees on almost everything 99 percent of the time, which Abe said he is grateful for. When things do not work out, Abe usually makes the call, but everyone has a say in what happens.

Although the brothers have had some individual music lessons, they have picked up most of their musical talent on their own and by teaching each other.

Abe sings and plays the keyboard for the group. He began playing the piano at age 10 and has been into music ever since.

Gabe began playing a saxophone at age 12 and when he was 15, he began playing the guitar.

Moy, who plays the drums, had taken some lessons when he was 7 years old and again when he was 11, but he gives credit to his brother, Abraham, who taught him much of what he knows.

Sam plays the bass and also had a few lessons in the beginning, but has really improved his playing on his own.

There are other family members with musical talent, as well, including a younger brother who plays the guitar and trumpet, and four sisters who like to sing. Their younger sister, who is 7, plays the drums.

For more information on the band, visit www.Lightswitchband.com. For more information on Higher Ground, visit www.hgmusicfest.com.


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