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Today is Mareck day in Winsted

April 27, 2009

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – As is his privilege, Mayor Steve Stotko proclaimed today (Monday) as Brent Mareck Day for the City of Winsted at Tuesday’s regular council meeting.

He recognized Mareck for his service to the city and the community since his employment July 2, 2001, ending with his proclamation and wish that Mareck would continue to serve the City of Winsted for years ahead.

Mareck spoke to a very crowded council chamber, filled with family and friends, Winsted business owners, and residents.

“I humbly accept this, but this is really a representation of what the council has done, the staff has done, and all of the people of the community have done,” Mareck said.

He compared the recognition to “trying to play a game of football by yourself.”

He did take the opportunity to thank a number of people, including former mayor Don Guggemos.

“I want to thank Don. I think back to being 24 years old and out of college,” Mareck said. “Pretty green. He never reminded me how young I was, only reminded me of how good I could be.”

Mareck also thanked Stotko.

“Steve has really impressed me with his love for the city. No matter what the situation, he is always looking out for what is best for Winsted,” Mareck said. “I appreciate your leadership as well, Steve.”

Mareck received a standing ovation.

Concrete repair still remains for Greystone

The council approved a partial retainage payment to Greystone Construction in the amount of $19,777, with the City of Winsted still withholding $5,000 from the contractor.

The retainage being withheld by the city is for some concrete work that needs to be completed on the front plaza where there is some pitting, and some sidewalk that needs to be repoured on the entry of the amphitheater where the promenade meets First Street South.

The council also approved a credit to the City of Winsted in the amount of $5,222 for work completed last summer.

To date the city hall project has cost $3,392,692.

The original contract amount was $2,995,047 and $402,868 was authorized in change orders.

Before the $5,222 credit to the City of Winsted, the total contract amount was $3,397,915.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• approved a gambling permit for Martin Krueger American Legion Post 407 to hold raffles at Hainlin Park Aug. 8 and 9.

• approved the execution of a fire alarm testing agreement with Protection Systems for the Winsted City Hall.


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