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Overlay projects to begin for some Wright Co. roads, starting June 1

May 25, 2009

By Lynda Jensen

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – A number of roads are scheduled to be reclaimed and resurfaced in Wright County this summer, according to the department of highways.

The 2009 Pavement Preservation (reclaim & bituminous overlay) contract involves the following roadways:

• Near Waverly, Wright County Road 8 from the south county line to Highway 12

• Near Delano, Wright County Road 17 from Wright County Road 30 to CR 139;

• Also near Delano, Wright County Road 30 from Wright County Road 17 to CR 139

• One mile west of Rockford, Wright County Road 32 from Highway 25 to Highway 55;

• Near Delano, County Road 139 from Highway 12 to Wright County Road 14 17; and

• East Maple Lake access.

Reclamation is scheduled to begin on Wright County Road 32 Monday, June 1. Paving will follow a few days after tile reclamation process is completed

Work is scheduled to begin and continue in this order: Wright County Road 32, Wright County Road 8, East Maple Lake Access, CSAH 30, CR 139 and Wright County Road 17. Tile three (‘I) projects located near Delano won’t begin until after July 4”’. All work on this contract is anticipated to be completed by the end of July.

A detour of traffic will not be necessary on these roads, except for a one-day detour for Wright County Road 8 south of Waverly. All traffic will be directed by flag people near and through the work zone. Please be prepared to expect minor delays during construction activity.

The prime contractor for this project is Knife River Corporation. Landowners interested in having their driveway paved (at the homeowners’ cost) can contact Andy at (763) 497-0170.

County policy regarding driveways is to place tile same material as existing surfacing within the right of way except for concrete surfaces - these will be removed and replaced with bituminous to a point closest to the roadway edge that provides a smooth transition to the new road surface.

The existing pavement will be “reclaimed,” which involves pulverizing the existing bituminous layer and a portion of the aggregate base beneath, followed by the paving of two (2) layers of bituminous mixture.

Also included in this contract is the installation of swing-away mailbox supports at no cost to the resident. This mailbox support meets current safety standards and will be installed after the paving is done. Only those existing mailboxes that are located directly on the shoulder of the county road will be replaced with new supports. If your mail is currently delivered to a mailbox on the county road, you will receive further information about this process.

Senior engineer Kevin Johnson noted that the Wright County Highway Department greatly appreciates the patience of the public during construction on these important improvement projects.

Questions or comments regarding this project can be directed to the proper individuals by calling die Wright County Public Works Building at (763) 682-7383 or toll free at 800-362-3667 (ask for the Public Works Department). Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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