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Just what is YAR?

March 2, 2009

By Hannah Campion
YAR representative

DELANO – What is YAR, exactly?

Maybe you’ve seen a flier or heard bits and pieces by word-of-mouth around Delano about the organization.

YAR stands for Youth As Resources, a student-led program that aids school-aged students financially with projects that better the community.

The organization meets twice a month Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at the Delano High School, welcoming anyone to join and sit in on a meeting.

YAR is required to have a board of at least 3/4 students and 1/4 adult members. Students come with project pitches or ideas that they cannot support financially on their own. Based on an extensive outline and description of each step of the project, the organization grants them money to use, based on the score of their application and presentation.

The money is granted by the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls. This year is Delano’s third year of the program, and second year of receiving grant money. YAR has been approved in the amount of $10,000, contingent upon proof of a $5,000 cash match contributed from local sources.

In the past, the organization has raised other money through donations, fundraisers, and sales. etc.

You may have seen the beautiful display of tiger artwork in downtown Delano, full of color and expression. The supplies for this project were funded by YAR.

YAR has given money to students who have participated in the Adopt-A-Family program, a Cocoa and Cram study night at the school, Delano Royalty leadership training, and many more.

YAR hosted its own middle school lock-in last year, which proved a huge success. It helped add money to the group’s resources, along with familiarizing YAR with younger students.

As a program, YAR would like to become more recognized throughout the community, however, and not just through the school.

It is beneficial for both YAR and the community to become aware of what the organization does, and how residents can help.

The organization serves as a bridge between those needing financial help, and the businesses they often seek out. It understands how demanding it can be to constantly have to answer to students asking for donations for soccer, baseball, and Girl Scouts, and YAR would like to be the organization that these groups come to instead.

Supporting the YAR program and advertising YAR within businesses, eliminates a lot of the stress that accompanies this process.

Donating any amount of money to YAR, will commit the organizations by trying its best to be a voice heard by those that would normally, or have normally, come to businesses in the past asking for money.

For more information, contact the YAR coordinator, Carley Boll, at (763) 972-3365, ext. 2137 or e-mail at Youth_As_Resources@yahoo.com.

We, as YAR members, love what we do, and we know you will too!


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