Singing in the rain

June 21, 2010

by Jenni Sebora

June is the rainiest month of the year. June 2010 is no exception.

The outdoor swimming pool has been open for a couple of weeks, but my children have only frequented it a couple of times, and it wasn’t from lack of desire. Rain and low temperatures have kept the pool closed or attendance low. Typically, the early part of summer finds my children at the pool almost daily.

On the first couple of days of swimming lessons, my youngest daughter entered the pool wet, due to rain drops that fell almost the entire lesson. Luckily, the pool water was warm.

In the midst of this rain, my nephew was married a couple of weekends ago. At the end of the ceremony the father made a correction, and an apology, to the couple. He said it was the first time a wedding ceremony that he had performed was “washed out.” At the wedding rehearsal the evening before, he told the wedding party that he has never had a wedding that was completely “washed out.”

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful ceremony and wedding celebration. Rain did not dampen it.

Winstock itself, was in and under water, so to say. It rained a majority of the concert duration. Despite the rain and mud, we, too, enjoyed the food, camaraderie, and especially the entertainment, with Trailer Choir and Phil Vasser at the top of my show favorites.

I am always impressed by Vasser because of his “boundless” energy, which certainly exudes itself on stage. His song writing abilities and piano playing talent is to be respected. The guy has “boundless” talents.

The rain did not stop the show. It did not halt the wedding. And it certainly did not stop my children’s urge to be “singin’ in the rain.” With umbrellas in hand, rain boots on feet or not, they made their way through puddles and more puddles. You can’t stop the rain. You might as well enjoy it, despite it, or because of it.

It always gives me the excuse to get some chores done inside, and maybe even play a board game with my family. Our favorites are Apples to Apples, Life, and Risk.

The rain also found our family stewing up our favorite family soup, potato, and ham chowder. The children also took some quick trips to the strawberry patch for some picking to make some homemade strawberry jam. My children love the part where they can squish the berries. It is the one time they have permission to do this.

We also visited our DVD/VHS shelf to watch some “Little House on the Prairie” episodes. We usually do this in the winter, but the rainy days felt opportune for this. Viewing these shows always finds our family discussing the ‘good ol’ days of yesteryear’ without cell phones, iPods, game systems, etc.

We can’t wait for the sunny days ahead, but, if, and when it rains, we might as well enjoy it, and find those opportunities that we may not have time for during the summer season.