Her legacy lives on

June 28, 2010

by Jenni Sebora

“A mother’s love transcends time and circumstance and endures forever . . . .”

I am unsure who the author of this quote was, but it is expressed on a magnet that is on my refrigerator. My eyes rested on it the other day, and my thoughts turned to editor, mother, and wife Lynda Jensen.

Lynda passed away recently, as most everyone now knows. Her sudden death came as a shock to all of us. As a mother and wife myself, my thoughts and sympathy immediately turned to her family, her children, and her husband.

Her youngest is just beginning her school career, she will be off to kindergarten this next fall. She is a girl of great curiosity, creativity, and love. Lynda and her husband also have a son who is beginning high school, and their oldest has just started taking college classes.

All are at important stages in their lives (as all stages are), and they will embark upon these journeys without the physical presence of their mother.

Lynda’s mother is living and I cannot imagine how painful it is to have your daughter pass away before you.

But as the quote above conveys, and as Latrice, their oldest daughter, so eloquently relayed at her mother’s funeral service, her mother’s presence will always be there. She has taught them well and was there for her children. She supported and encouraged her children.

That support, encouragement, and teaching will remain with them. I believe that a mother’s love does transcend time and does endure forever. As Latrice so beautifully said, her mother’s legacy will live on through them.

Amidst the news of Lynda’s passing and the grief, my thoughts also turned to her strong and staunch faith. Lynda lived her life built on this solid foundation of faith. You just had to read her column articles, speak with, or watch her to know how important her faith was. This will hopefully be of some solitude for her family as they live their daily lives and deal with her loss. It is for me, as a coworker and friend.

Lynda was a giver and a doer. She could get done in one day what most people could not in a week. She was extremely efficient and intelligent. Her talents did not go untold. She volunteered in her communities and for her church. In her life here on earth, she lived to the fullest. She has left a legacy.

Each action and each gift, whatever that may have been that she gave or did, will always be remembered by those who were lucky enough to receive it.

I take solace in the fact that no longer will there be deadlines and difficult customers for her to deal with. And as Lynda may herself have said, “enjoy your reward in heaven.”