A day on the prairie
September 20, 2010
by Jenni Sebora

It was a beautiful late summer afternoon. My twin brother and I headed west with his 6-year-old son, my 6-year-old daughter, and my brother’s golden lab for a venture on his prairie hunting property. Our mission was to do a little hiking on the property, harvest some wildflower seeds, and just enjoy the day.

Mission accomplished.

The prairie grass provided a canvas of cover for some adventurous play for our children and the dog. Luckily, the dog enjoys children, because he was a riding, jumping, and a hide-and-seek play toy for the children. It was a pleasure to watch the little ones romp through the tall grasses on a warm sun-laden afternoon.

All of us helped in the harvesting of the prairie grass seeds. We were able to fill a shoe box full in a relatively short period of time.

Using bug nets, the two small adventurers also found time for a bug hunt – for capture and release only.

We also took a hike across the property to observe its inhabitants on the other end or the property boundaries. This hike involved some piggy-back rides, shoulder rides, and just plain carrying. And I wasn’t the one being carried. Besides young tired legs and thistle attachments, the children received a few scratches around their legs from a plethora of natural foliage.

When the day on the prairie was done, a trip to Dairy Queen only seemed fitting. With minor sunburn and windburn, soggy feet, and windblown hair, our adventure was a most pleasurable one, especially when you top it off with some ice cream.

My favorite part of the travel was a day spent with my brother, my daughter, and my nephew, enjoying what nature has to offer on a beautiful afternoon. The backdrop provided a blue, green, and golden landscape that only the prairie may offer.

My hope is that my daughter will put this simple day away in her memory bank for safe keeping.