Halloween recipes and tips
October 25, 2010
by Jenni Sebora

It really is that time of year. Halloween is the beginning of another holiday season. I really enjoy this time of year, and Halloween is a big part of the enjoyment.

A witch’s brew recipe that will add to the Halloween festivity: mix three pints grape juice and one and a half pints club soda. Cut an apple into small slices or chunks. Float the apple pieces and grapes in the brew before serving. The apple pieces and grapes will look like teeth and eyes.

How about some spooky trail mix to go with the witch’s brew? Mix some popcorn, chocolate chips, gummy worms, and whatever else you can think of to add to this buggy treat.

One of my favorite Halloween treats are witches’ hats. Spread cheese on some round crackers. Place a Bugle snack on each cracker, and you have the witches’ hats.

Using baby jars, white glue and some water mixed together, tissue paper (orange, yellow, white), and a black marker, create some Halloween candle or candy holders. Tear or cut the tissue paper into pieces. Paint the glue and water mixture on the jar in segments and place the tissue paper on top. When completed with this process, paint another thin layer of the glue mixture over the tissue paper, and allow to dry. Add a jack-o’lantern face with the marker.

How did bats get associated with Halloween? The website, www.celebrationcorner.com, tells us that in early Halloween celebrations, people often gathered around big bonfires. Night-flying insects were attracted to the fire. This made bonfires the perfect place for bats to snack. Bats quickly became synonymous with Halloween celebrations.

Enjoy a Halloween family spooky night. Watch a movie together while enjoying some witch’s brew or hot cocoa and some spooky trail mix. Enjoy the movie with the lights turned off and a flashlight in hand. Maybe even tell some spooky tales (not too spooky, as everyone has to get to sleep sometime).

Source www.amazingmoms.com.