Count your blessings
November 15, 2010
by Jenni Sebora

Thanksgiving is a day – a time set aside for well, giving thanks. Many times, to be truly grateful, we need to literally count our blessings.

We may desire what others have or attempt to keep up with “the Jones.” These desires and attempts really do not bring real joy to our lives. In fact, they just cause us dissatisfaction and even unhappiness.

To find joy in every day, we de need to count our blessings. “Can we step outside and breathe in the fresh, cool autumn air? Can we look at the night sky and observe the wonders of the constellations?” Even in these hard economic times, most of us can find things to be truly grateful for.

Just this last weekend, I was spending some time outside with my 6-year old daughter and my 6-year old nephew in the beautiful Indian summer weather.

I was most blessed by being a listener in a conversation the two 6-year-olds were holding. The topic: bird parties. They were watching the birds in a tree in the near distance. The conversation went something like this, “The birds are having a party again. I guess they are gathering in that tree for their party.”

Their youthful eyes then moved to the geese on the nearby pond. “And the geese like to have their party on or near the water,” my daughter said. And my nephew agreed.

They were conversing like it was common knowledge and common language that birds gather for parties. I did not say anything or add anything to their conversation. I was just absorbing their words and their wonderful, positive outlook on life. The simple things in life.

We should all gather on a daily basis for “parties” to come together for conversation and camaraderie.

Even more positive in their innocent observations, was their sense of wonderment and enjoyment of the world around them. They were using their senses to truly experience joy. They were alert and aware and present to the world around them.

As adults, we need to use our gift of sense to rediscover the world around us. It would behoove us to take time to just watch how children absorb the world.

How about if we, as adults, step outside and watch and listen to the bird “parties” for a while? If we do this at least a little each day, we will most likely be more productive the rest of the day, as well as happier and more grateful.

This Thanksgiving, let’s take some cues from our children, and really count our blessings. I think we all may have more blessings than we think we have. I know I do.