Christmas is in the heart
December 13, 2010
by Jenni Sebora

“It isn’t the flowing ribbons, draped and curled with extra care, or the fine and fancy bows tied with ornamental flair.

“It isn’t the label on the box, the sum of money spent, or anything that shows the length to which you obviously went.

“The beauty of a Christmas gift cannot be seen at all. For the loveliness of giving is a feeling, grand and tall.

“It’s the genuine offer of love, the yearning to make a connection, a show of honest gratitude, a display of sincere affection.”

(Source: www.sahre-christmas.com)

“The Christmas Gift Poem” reminds us what the season is really about. There are concerts and programs to attend, cards to send, cookies to bake, shopping to be done, presents to be wrapped, a tree to be decorated, and the list can seem endless.

Now, while all of these ritual activities can be very pleasant and memorable, they can also add to the stress of already busy days. Prioritizing what is most important among the many tasks is important. Taking time for relaxation is key to keeping the meaning of Christmas alive and well without running ourselves ragged.

The same goes for our children. If your child is sending signals that he or she is getting stressed, try to spend some alone and quiet time with him or her. Read a book together, have a healthy snack, sit and relax.

The true beauty of Christmas is felt. When I reminisce about Christmas past as a little girl, I am enveloped by a warmness. Every Christmas, our house was filled with family, food, laughter and love.

Our porch was overflowing with boots, and coats, and hats and all the winter attire of each family guest. Having everyone together under one roof on a cold Christmas Day brings such warmth and comfort.

It truly wasn’t about the gifts, but about the love shared. That feeling continues as I now have my own family.

I am not sure who wrote or said this quote, but it so rings true. “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

Because, although there may still be burdens to bear, sharing them and bearing each other’s are gifts as well. Coming together at this holiday time and connecting with others will always remain at the heart of Christmas, with baby Jesus at the center.