The light of Christ
February 1, 2010
by Rev. Erick Thompson, Bethel Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie

For so many of us, winter is starting to become a real drag.

One of the things people sometimes complain about is the lack of light in winter. At this latitude, we are now up to over nine hours of sunlight every day.

Our shortest days in December are just under nine hours. On June 21st, we will have well over 15 hours of sunlight. The total difference between the two is almost eight hours – that is quite a big change.

The themes of light and darkness also show up in our understanding of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Light of the world, according to the gospel of John. This Light shines in the darkness, bringing good news to people.

What does this Light illuminate? The Light of Christ shows us that despite life’s difficulties and trials, we have the promise of eternal life. But, this promise is a future reality. In the meantime, we live with both light and darkness.

During these winter months, it is important to think about Christ as the Light of our lives, and the Light of the world.

When it is dark and dreary, and we’ve caught cabin fever from being stuck inside too long, we remember that there will be better days with more light. Christ’s presence in our lives is very similar.

Life here on earth will not be perfect. There will be loss, tragedy, sadness. In the midst of these dark times, God is with us as the Light of Christ, shining through our darkness to reveal God’s love and care for us.

Our future is with God, in Christ. This good news is especially welcome to us when we are suffering.

Hopefully, the Light of Christ can come to you today, bringing you the good news of Christ’s promise for you.