Behold the face of God
December 13, 2010
by Pastor Paul Bortnem, Bethel Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie

“And the Word became flesh

“Dwelt among us

“Full of grace

“And Truth

“And we beheld His Glory

“Glory of the Father

“From all eternity . . .”

Words fail to capture the glory of the Christ child, and yet, it is this very Word that became flesh, the very Word we speak of.

For something isn’t - even if it is - until it is written about, explained, and then it comes into being. Yes, a scientist will tell you that something exists long before it is discovered. Then, when it is discovered, it comes into cognition and we recognize it and talk about it by means of words, and are able to use its properties over and over in our rational world. Truly, there is a sense where the word gives life, as well as meaning.

Or more simply put – the creative word, the word of Genesis, where God spoke and there was light, and there was darkness. That which is seen, and the ever unseen – that creative word combined with the word of Promise from the prophetic word became flesh.

A child in a manger, a birth in Bethlehem – ever complex, yet so simple. Promise and creation, a child – and hope for the future through the redemptive word.

It is much simpler in the words of a song:

“Away in a manger

“No crib for his head,

“The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.”

And through the eyes of a child, we behold the face of God.

A blessed Christmas to all.