Keep your spiritual footing
November 29, 2010
by Pastor Mark Little, Stockholm Lutheran Church, Cokato

A few weeks ago, there was a show on Public Television featuring the South Georgia Smyrna Fjords, located on a small island south of the Falkland Islands. Adventurers were climbing all over the ice fields in this location, and they talked about how they keep their grip on those icy slopes, so they don’t slip and go careening off into a crevasse, to their death.

To help prevent a deadly accident, they use crampons – attachments that have sharp “teeth” on them and are strapped on to their boots. These crampons help the climbers’ boots bite into the ice, so they keep their footing.

On a recent Sunday, it was so slippery outside, I thought I could have used some crampons just to get from my car to the church door. I began to think how we all need help keeping our footing in our life with Christ.

Just as the climbers needed help keeping their footing on the ice fields, we all need help keeping our “spiritual footing.” There are so many things that demand our attention, so many activities to attend to, and so many messages we get from all kinds of media, that we can become a bit spiritually disoriented sometimes, and our lives can get out of focus.

We need “spiritual crampons” to help us keep our footing. Praying, reading our Bible, meeting with faithful friends, attending worship, etc. can all be “spiritual crampons” in the slippery ice field of life. These faith activities keep us connected with God, give us a better grip on life, help us dig in to God’s promises again, and re-orient us to God’s love and God’s ways.

In these weeks before Christmas – the season of Advent – we can easily lose some of our spiritual footing, because of the busyness of preparing for wonderful times with friends and family. We can spend a lot more time thinking about food, programs, gifts for each other, than we spend thinking about Jesus, the greatest gift of all, who simply wants us to give ourselves to him.

May you use the spiritual crampons God has given you, so that you will not lose your spiritual footing, but experience the greatest meaning of this season of joy, and stay connected to Jesus Christ, your Lord.