Prayer helps us to see clearly
January 18, 2010
by Fr. Tom Balluff, St. Mary’s of Czestochowa, Delano

We will be observing the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade Friday, Jan. 22 – the landmark decision by the Supreme Court of our great country that made abortion legal on demand.

I believe that it would be safe for me to say that most of us believe abortion to be wrong. I think the disagreement most often comes in the desire to, or not to, make it legal. I would like to briefly share some of my thoughts on why I think that abortion is wrong all of the time and should be made illegal.

First of all, coming from a biblical perspective, in Genesis, the husband and wife are called to leave their mother and father, come together and join in a union of the flesh that will make them one. This beautiful union between man and wife can be so powerful that a third human being can be created. Thus, the husband and wife can become co-creators with God in the making of a new life.

Humanity is then called to go out and be fruitful (another argument against same sex marriage).

Also biblically speaking, we understand that God knows us even as we are being formed in the womb. At conception, a new life begins. When and how would we ever decide when that life becomes human, if not at conception? Advancements in technology continue to push back the viability of the baby’s ability to live outside of the womb. And if we say it is a human, then it (the baby) absolutely has every right that you and I have.

I believe that prayer is the answer to our ability to see clearly. The more we pray from our hearts – authentically, genuinely, sincerely – the more graces and blessings God will pour down on us.

It sounds very simple, but can be very hard to do. Living a virtuous and prayer-filled life will bring clarity in our quest to live moral and upright lives.

Remember that if the pro-life movement has its way on this one, then to promote pro-choice causes is to promote the ability to kill a human baby at its most vulnerable moment in life.

Please spend some really good quality prayer time with this issue. To get it right may mean either life or death.