No time like the present
January 25, 2010
by Pastor Lee Hallstrom, Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Delano

“See, now is the acceptable time . . . “ 2 Corinthians 6:2b

I remember, as a child, how I would share with my father or mother about wanting to do something and they would listen and then reply, “There’s no time like the present.” I didn’t always appreciate that response!

But over the years, I have come to appreciate the wisdom in it. When my parents would respond with those words, they were politely telling me that if I was serious about it, there was nothing to stop me from going ahead. While I often heard it as criticism, they were actually encouraging me to stop making excuses and to make a decision and act on it.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who is struggling with life decisions. My friend saw clearly what the right thing to do was, and even wanted to do it, but her anxieties kept her from making the decision and acting upon it.

St. Paul wants to encourage the Corinthians, and us, to act on what we know is right. “Don’t delay,” he tells us. “Make the decision and act before the opportunity passes.” It’s his way of saying, “There’s no time like the present.”

The truth is that we rarely have the freedom to elect when we will be faced with a critical decision. When it happens, we must either face it or not. When we know what is right and postpone it, the opportunity rarely remains. It passes with the moment.

St. Paul is inviting us to invite the Holy Spirit into our moments and days and choose the right decision as we are led to understand it. This is the invitation to a life of few regrets.

Most of the regrets I have heard, and I have heard many, are over lost opportunities more than anything else. Let the Holy Spirit encourage you and lead you to decide as best you can. Then, act and trust the God of second chances to bless your action.

If you are facing difficult choices right now, pray not only to see the best option, but also for the courage to act upon it. There’s no time like the present for doing good, is there?