The new year

January 18, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

Recently a brand new year was placed in our hands. We will have 365 golden days, 8,760 silver hours, and 525,600 diamond minutes. That’s a lot of time, to accomplish what?

Most of us start the beginning of the new year thinking about how we are going to change or do something a little bit better within our new year. Perhaps it means polishing up our profession, home life, spiritual life, community life, or maybe something within ourselves.

Most often, our New Year’s resolution only lasts a week, month, maybe six months. Then there are those who achieve that goal of the new year in a kaleidoscope of flying colors.

We all know that as we spend this time allotted to us, many opportunities and challenges will present themselves. It has been said that each day is a day to use or lose. Sometimes, it’s best to focus on the day, rather then the year itself.

Live each day like you have no tomorrow, for tomorrow doesn’t belong to us. The hands of the clock and the tick of the clock all belong to God himself.

Today, tomorrow, and the future ahead of us are the pieces of a puzzle that has not yet been put together. Although, as we put our puzzle together one piece at a time, the pieces will link together and a beautiful picture will be before you.

“God doesn’t want our spare time, but our precious time.”