A special month

February 8, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

February is valentine month, a special time for showing our love to family, friends, and special people in our lives.

One of our basic needs is to be loved; to have someone who cares for us.

It has been said that love cannot be defined. It has to be demonstrated. It has to be experienced.

The greatest love each and every one of us has experienced is the love of the Lord Jesus when He died for us, reconciling us to God by His death on the cross.

He offered not a lamb or a bull or a goat, but Himself to do a job no other human could do.

He had proved His love in a most amazing way. This love is personal; it includes you and me. God’s love is real and genuine. “For God is love.”

Looking back at the cross, there lies all our sins. That’s a heavy load in an earth shattering way.

As this love overflows from us into the lives of others, we are shedding His love abroad in our needy world.

We all have difficulties, hardships, trials, defeats, adverse circumstances, crushing disappointments, and heartaches, because it is producing in us the very thing God is after, and making us what He wants us to be. God gives us hidden streams of strength, with hope on the sidelines.

Real love comes from those who care about mankind. It’s a built-in character that shines from within and spreads, and is contagious when experienced.

Every act of kindness, done in love, is never forgotten, because it flowed to another human’s heart.

This thing called love touched another person’s soul in a miraculous way. This thing called love was being demonstrated to the fullest, and helped a person who needed it become what God intended them to be, all because of that one four letter word . . . love.