Our hands: instruments of grace

February 22, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

What if someone were to film a documentary on your hands, or a producer were to tell your story based on the life of your hands? Looking at your hands what would each of us see?

Would you see protruding veins, cuts, scrapes, scars, chapped hands, freckles, arthritic fingers, calluses, grease stains, or smooth, silky, warm-to-the-touch hands?

As with all of us, the film would begin with an infant’s fist, then a close-up of a tiny hand wrapped around mommy’s finger, followed by holding onto the couch or chair as you learned to walk.

If you were to show the documentary to your friends, you’d be proud of certain moments: your hands held your first stuffed teddy bear, or your favorite blanket.

You took a pencil and drew around your hand to make that first turkey for Thanksgiving, or a handmade valentine to give to someone special.

You learned to count to 10 extending each finger up.

Later on, your hands extending with a gift, planting flowers, placing a ring on another’s finger, embracing another person in need, doctoring a wound, preparing a meal, fixing a toy, hand shaking, placing your hand on your heart, serving others and then, humbly folded in prayer.

By managing our hands they become instruments of grace-not just tools, in the hands of God.

As each of us look down at our hands they can resemble, in time, in one’s lifetime, God’s very hands.