A season of unpredictable weather

March 22, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

Most of us make it a daily routine every morning to look out the window and see what the weather is going to be like for the start-up of our day.

The weather we have had for the last couple of months has been very unpredictable. They call it, “Minnesota Weather.”

We’ve had roaring winds, the spray of sleet, snow, and dangerous slippery ice.

Thinking back to our childhood, most of us remember different types of winter weather and storms, somewhat like what we experience today.

Some mornings begin with the soft rays of the sun warming the bed covers. Then, there are mornings where we gasp at the dazzling white landscape. The tree limbs are weighed down by the frosty iced branches. This is beautiful to see.

Years ago, it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary to be snuggled under a homemade quilt, shivering while listening to the creaking branches outside the bedroom window.

The moaning winds made a person feel lonesome. With a big exhale and in great wonder, we would pause and question, “Is morning ever going to come?”

Yes, but with a different picture. It’s somewhat like a artist who begins with that first stroke with the brush on his canvas bringing an amazing outcome to his picture.

We have had mornings where our soul may feel windblown, raw, and exposed. We feel like we’re tossed into a blistery tempest with everything breaking loose.

This is only temporary, for it’s been said, “The God who brings beauty out of the blizzard promises to bring peace to all after the storm.”

Always cling to His promise of peace. Let Him cover your fear with His love, like a blanket of snow, soft and gentle.