Celebrating amazing mothers

May 3, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

Mothers Day is a day on the calendar selected just for moms, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, and if you’re blessed with good health, great-great-grandmothers.

On this selected day, these women are honored for being whom they are and for what they signify.

Most women would agree that when the plan sheet was laid out when designing a woman, God would have had to go into overtime designing that all-amazing woman.

First of all, we have a lap that can hold many children at one time, and amazingly, when we stand up, they disappear.

We have to be prepared to kiss that scraped elbow or knee, and don’t forget the Winnie the Poo Band-Aids.

Then, we have to be creative to find out what’s wrong, to mend that broken heart.

We were designed with two eyes and they see most anything north, south, east, or west of us.

We have a nose that smells anything as sweet as honey to burned hot cereal on the stove.

We have hands that multi-task in all directions. They are gentle to the touch when wiping a tear that’s ready to make a landing.

Our feet are swift to anything within our surroundings that needs our attention.

Our ears hear within a radius of one-third of a mile to a whisper in our ear. We can hear a cry for help to laughter in a time of joy and excitement.

We know how to feed a large family with a balanced meal and still have money left over for the Sunday collection.

Our time is unlimited to what we can do, to what needs to be done, to where would you like me to be?

We naturally go beyond our limitations for anyone who has touched our heart in any way.

We can wash and dry dishes, scrub the floor, fold laundry, and set our hair in a heartbeat if we want too.

We find it hard to sit down as we are off onto the next project.

You have to use the cell phone to find us because we are never in the same spot long.

When we age, we age with knowledge, wisdom, integrity, honesty, and beauty.

One might challenge the woman design, and some remain silent.

Some respect all of what she has brought into the world as a gift.

Some remember all the steps of ha mother; first daughter, then mom, then wife, then gradmonther, then great-grandmother, and for those who are lucky, great-great-grandmother. Any way you look at it, they are women who left their tracks behind for others to follow.