Garage sale treasures are here again

May 17, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

This time of the year, the garage sale signs become a part of our outdoor scenery.

Arrows pointing this way and that way give us direction to bargains, or special treasured collectible items.

Garage sales can be a lot of fun, you just don’t know what you’ll find that will tickle your fancy.

Most often, any one person can find something for any age level; how fun is that?

Many times I have seen a garage sale person walk over to an item. They pick it up and look at it. They set it back down, pick it back up again. Then they examine it closer, turn the item this way and that way. They think about the item and then finally clench the item to their chest. The item is considered “sold.”

Sometimes, it makes a person wonder what makes people buy certain garage sale items? What is going through their mind? Is it an item that will go with their home decor? Is it something waiting to be set on an empty shelf at home? Is it something for a person’s cabin? Is the buyer a collector? Are your children’s clothes helping a needy family? You just never know what the intent is.

Most often, you will see a smile on a garage sale person’s face, when they find something they have been searching for a long time and have finally found that particular item.

Sometimes it’s hard to give up collectibles from our home. The item has become attached and has sentimental value to the seller.

My thoughts are that anyone can sell anything for a bargain price, as long as their heart isn’t connected to it.

“Connected,” is the big word when giving up any possession. Then, the item becomes nonnegotiable in the eyes of the seller.

Sometimes a price tag can’t offer a dollar amount large enough for them to sell it.

We have garage sale items we also can’t wait to be sold; they are null to us. Garage sale after garage sale, we hope those certain items will sell.

In time, you will see your not-so-popular garage sale items sell. Just when you least expect something to sell, it will be bought by a happy customer!

For every garage sale treasure, there is a customer waiting to buy it – they just need to find it.

Garage sales bring curiosity to the seller as much as they do to the buyer.

All of your garage sale possessions have another home waiting for them to be of service and joy somehow or somewhere.