Stars shining down on us

June 21, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

Dedicated in memory of Lynda Jensen.

In the summertime, on a dark still night, it’s always fascinating to extend your head in an upward position and peer into the sky.

Some nights you’ll see a partial moon, and then on other nights you’ll see half-to a full- moon.

Surrounding all the darkness, you’ll see tiny little stars shining in all directions.

It’s amazing that at such a distance they sparkle, bringing an uplift to a person’s soul, and generating a warmth of happiness from within.

It’s also fun to look up into the sky and challenge yourself to finding the Little and Big Dippers. A smile comes to your face when you have successfully connected all the stars.

The Little and Big Dipper are always there to be challenged, and to be found.

Over 2,000 years ago, when looking up into the sky, there were those same stars, just like we have today.

One night there was a star that shown brighter than all the rest, and led people from afar to a manger where baby Jesus was born.

All that came to see this great gift given to all mankind smiled, and had an uplift to their soul, that generated a warmth of happiness from within. Many surrounded Him to see this Prince of Peace.

This bright star was a sign to all of us that a miracle had happened, with the intent of more miracles on the way.

Mary never envisioned that her baby boy would walk on water, or would save our sons and daughters. That He would give sight to a blind man and the lame would leap, or that He would calm a storm with His hand.

Mary never envisioned her baby boy would be the Lord of all creation and would rule the nations. She never envisioned He would be heaven’s perfect lamb.

Perhaps, looking up into the sky one dark night, you see all these stars shining with a radiant sparkle, just like you have from youth on.

Your mind becomes a little creative and you start to wonder. What would it be like if all those sparkling, shining stars were our loved ones shining down on us, in their happiness of where they are today.

Would it help bring a smile to your face, an uplift to your soul, and generate a warmth of happiness from within, just knowing your loved one was shining down on you in happiness of where they are today?