Surrounded with summer beauty

July 26, 2010

by Pam Fiecke

It’s that time of the year when the sun is hot and blazing, and we’re all looking for a place of shade to get a little rest and relaxation.

We grab ourselves a cold glass of water, pop, lemonade, ice tea, beer, or some other type of refreshment to quench our thirst. Into the lawn chair we plunk ourselves to read a good book, magazine, or reminisce with a close friend.

We’re surrounded by green grass and bushes that are at their fullest, to the point you can’t peek through to see what’s beyond.

Our gardens are starting to produce the seeds we planted in spring. The grape vines and fruit trees are full and plentiful.

The lavender, yellow, and white mums cluster together, and the purple pansies grin up to the brilliant orange marigolds. The roses are slowly opening at their own accord to give us a warm welcome for the day.

The fragrance of each individual flower along with their vivid colors bring on a array of beauty attracting many of us.

The birds chirp and chatter as they fly below the billowy clouds. The mother birds bring back food to their young, and hover over them to keep them safe.

The children run in the yard barefoot in the cool green grass. Yard games are being played from morning to sunset.

The lakes have that glistening shine accompanied by a soft ripple, flowing into the rocks.

The fishermen are busy casting out their lines to challenge the biggest catch of the day. A little frustration is added when they loose their bait, hook, sinker, or break their line and reel in nothing but rooted lake weeds.

Then, a half hour later the luck changes and we have a nice sunfish on our hook with a smile attached to our face. This adventure of fishing has been known to be the start of a fishing story that has no definite ending.

The clothes we hang out on the clothesline smell fresh, with a little added touch of crispness. Every community is busy with parades, picnics, barbecues, music in the park, and swimming at the lake front.

It’s an ideal time for going for a quiet walk to view and pause for a moment, to soak up the beauty God has blessed and given to us. It’s simply amazing how we go through this seasonal change every year and we find pure enjoyment with nature and it’s surroundings.