Inspirational Thoughts
Cookbooks carry on a tradition
August 9, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

One of our greatest heritages that we have passed along and shared with others, from within the home, to city, state, and even nationwide, is the priceless collection of recipes.

It’s an absolute blessing when people of the church or community gather together to design, compile, share, and sell a cookbook. Every cookbook is personified, unique, and carries on its own traits.

It would be hard to imagine a home without some sort of a cookbook, hiding in a drawer or on a shelf, waiting to be used. Many recipes are selected from our own personal recipe collections, some were found in our mother’s or grandmother’s cookbooks.

Then, we have some recipes that are filed away. Some were given to us by our friends, while others were tried and tested. The many varieties of recipes we get to try include; beverages, appetizers, candies, bars, cookies, pies, cakes, breads, frostings, main dishes, salads, preserves, and the list goes on.

It’s most interesting when an ingredient is disguised, and we can’t figure out what was added to make that luscious dessert. Sometimes, we’re in wonderment of what ingredients were needed to make our bread rise or bring out that savory taste in our main dish.

When it comes to using a cookbook, it’s pretty standard; a cookbook can be for all ages. With a little help along the way, any recipe can be mastered by our children with our help.

Most often, you can tell right away if a cookbook has been used frequently. It will have grease stains on the pages or pen markings stating the recipe was good. The pages may be marked with a posted note paper, or the cookbook may look tattered or torn in spots.

Any way you look at it, it’s a special time of bonding when we all gather together to share the same interests and helpful hints, and feed the soul with good food. The heart of every home begins with a savory home-cooked meal that’s shared with family and friends.

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