Inspirational Thoughts
Trees are a beautiful asset.
September 6, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

This summer, if you took the time to admire the beautiful trees that surround us, you got to see how blessed in nature we were again this season.

The trees were of a beautiful green, loaded with leaves that fanned themselves back and forth, sending a soft breeze while scenting the air.

If you want to seek a quiet place to slow down your hectic pace and shake the hassles of everyday life, there is nothing like a walk on a wooded trail. Breathe deeply, and listen to the sound of the birds chirping and the leaves tapping against one another.

Children love to climb trees, hanging on and entangling their legs around a limb, pulling themselves along the way, to master climbing to the highest part of the tree.

Another adventure is to climb into a tree house and get bird’seye view of the surroundings.

For those who like to camp, firewood at a camp fire keeps us warm. Grab a stick from a tree and enjoy a roasted marshmallow or s’more.

Then, there are some of us, who like to grab a lawn chair, sit in the shade and relax with a good book, and soda, and watch the sun descend at the end of a summer’s day.

Whether you seek serenity or adventure, summer time is the time to experience the fullness of woods, fields, orchards, and gardens, any way you like to.

Our trees are, in reality, working for us every day somehow. They tame the wind, hold the soil, shelter wildlife, give us oxygen, and shade, and keep our water clean.

In the wintertime, the trees benefit us as a windbreak that shields the home on the property.

In a few weeks, we will see our beautiful green trees slowly turn the many autumn colors. Then, one by one, each leaf will make its way to the ground and the trees will be bare ‘till next summer again.

Some will take the leaves and put them in their garden as a fertilizer, or let their children jump for joy within the pile of leaves.

Our trees are also cut up and used to heat our homes, build furniture, build a home, fence-in farm animals, or to decorate fully at Christmas time.

It’s amazing what one little sapling can do when planted in spring.

Any way you look at it, our trees are a asset to us every day. They are working for us in many ways we sometimes take for granted.

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