Inspirational Thoughts
The artist is at work
Sept. 20, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

It’s apparent that we’re in the transition of heading into the fall season.

The weather is more brisk as the coolness of a soft breeze and dampness encompasses us.

The corn fields are drying up, the trees are turning their autumn colors. The birds are heading to a warmer climate, the squirrels are gathering their bounty for the winter months ahead.

The elderly are starting to wear their sweater, or coat, and finding a blanket to snuggle in as comfort of warmth.

The sun will shine and will be radiant in sending heat on some of our fall days.

When looking around, we will see an artist at work painting us a beautiful picture. Every stroke with the paintbrush will send a Kaleidoscope of awesome fall colors.

We will be surrounded by autumn beauty for the next few weeks ahead of us. Take time to look around and enjoy God’s work of art; he never fails his plan of beauty.

For the gardeners, it’s time to finish collecting all the garden produce, to be canned or to be put in the freezer for the winter months ahead.

The pumpkins are of bright orange hidden within the vines in our garden. The pumpkins will be used shortly for carving, decorating, or pies for the holidays ahead of us.

Slowly, one-by-one a leaf will descend on its way down to the ground till the tree is bare.

The hunters are getting ready to be camouflaged to hunt their favorite game of the season.

The lawn chairs, picnic table, outdoor games, boat, potted flowers, and anything else that was kept outdoors will be moved into storage till next summer.

Some of our summer sports will have ended for the season, and will resume come next summer.

Around and around in transition we go from season to season.

God, the artist, is our artist, and will always be our master artist. With his paintbrush on the canvas, one stoke at a time, one day at a time, he paints that fall masterpiece for all of us. In doing so, he smiles.

The artist sets down his paintbrush, tears off the canvas of his completed picture, and smiles.

The artist starts a new picture of beauty for all of us to enjoy,.In doing so, he smiles.

The artist has a plan, it’s all about us looking around and seeing that message of beauty. It’s all there, for all of us to enjoy from season to season.

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