Inspirational Thoughts
Finding comfort from within
November 8, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

It’s that time of the year ,when most of the trees have shed their leaves and coolness has set in.

Our surroundings are starting to show the bareness of the fields that have been harvested.

To grab a jacket, warm sweater, or blanket to keep warm is starting to be of our liking.

The thought of a hot bowl of soup or chili, or a cup of hot chocolate, while being snuggled in a warm blanket in front of the TV, is a pleasing, comforting plan of action for the evening.

Everything is starting to calm down. The birds are heading south, and the squirrels have gathered their bounty for the winter months ahead.

The thought of starting the furnace, woodstove, or fire place has become a reality for some already.

Some are being proactive in their decisions, winterizing their vehicles and getting ready for whatever comes their direction in the months ahead.

Indoor sports and activities will be popular and filled with excitement for evening entertainment.

We’re all starting to feel that need to be in comfort from within ourselves.

The clocks have been turned back, giving us darkness by supper time and that feeling from within that our days are now shorter.

Anyway you look at it, wee in seasonal change and need to adapt to whatever comes our way and just do the best we can in all situations.

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