Inspirational Thoughts
Dear reader, from Pam
November 15, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

Due to a silent serious health condition, with cancer recently diagnosed, Herald Journal columnist, Pam Fiecke of “Inspirational Thoughts” will have one more story for the month of November and will not have stories for the month of December.

She will try to resume in January sometime. She will have surgery at the University of Minnesota Thursday, Nov, 18 and she wants to focus all her attention and faith on her medical needs. Her goal is to become cancer-free.

Faith includes absolute trust in the miraculous power of God. She has been going through test after test, day after day, yet keeping a positive frame of mind in winning this victory against her cancer situation.

She leaves you with this message while she has surgery and recovers, “Jesus is always there to heal our bodies and our minds. This, of course, includes our physical, as well as our spiritual needs. Nothing is beyond his power. No disease, no situation, no circumstance, no tragedy is beyond his ability to heal, restore or resolve.

“Faith is trusting the God who heals. Faith is not holding on for your healing, but holding on to the God who can do the impossible.”

Pam believes, “God works through prayer, through doctors, and through other human beings. At this time a request for prayer and healing is much needed.”

The Herald Journal, Holy Trinity Church, Winsted Lions and Winsted community, friends, family and other surrounding communities have already begun.

Any of her fan-readers who would like to send a simple message of encouragement to her and her family, please feel free to do so (per University of MN). It will occupy her mind while recovering. Send to: Pam Fiecke 6304237th St., Winsted, MN 55395.

Pam and her family wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and a Merry Christmas.

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