Inspirational Thoughts
In everything, give thanks
November 22, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

Thanksgiving time is a time when the words, to be thankful and giving thanks comes to our minds. Although, it seems to mean something different to almost everyone.

What to be thankful for can be a wide spread of things from our jobs, health, home, food, money, clothing, friends, and family.

However, may we all be thankful for what we are all blessed with.

In today’s world, we’re seeing the real enjoyment from years ago withering away right in front of us, right before our very own eyes.

The porch swings, picnic tables, and hand-written letters are slowly becoming a part of the bygone age. We don’t know how to sit and relax and enjoy; we run, run, and are on the run.

We are now faced with the fastfood drive-through, computer games, and email. We are never a beeper or cellular phone call away from being summoned.

The purpose of life is not to just get things done, but, more so, to connect with each other.

Passion is important, and so is compassion. Helping others was something Jesus did on a daily basis. He was constantly approached by people, but he always found time to stop what he was doing to help those in need. This is a lesson we must learn if we want to be anything like Jesus.

Hands are referred to numerous times in the Bible. God’s hands created the heavens and the earth. Jesus laid his hands on many; lepers were healed and the blind made to see by his touch. His hands were nailed in his sacrifice on the cross for our sins, and lifted to bless his disciples before his ascent to heaven. Our hands are to carry on his work.

We don’t perform miracles, but we can lend a hand to benefit others.

God sends people to help us when we need them. Sometimes you are the person giving the help and sometimes you are the one receiving it; both roles are important. The operative word is person. It’s about people, not things. Knowing, more than doing. Being, more than getting.

Every day, may we all be of some sort of service somehow, or somewhere.

Search and you will find something to be thankful for and also be blessed with. To reflect upon your day, you will realize that all along, Jesus was your example. The greatest works ever begun upon this earth were planned and started by Jesus.

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