Inspirational Thoughts
Dear reader, update from Pam
December 6, 2010
by Pam Fiecke

All the many prayers from you have answered a health problem in a miraculous way for me.

I would have never envisioned a miracle to take place in the community of Winsted on my behalf, right before Christmas.

Recently, I was diagnosed with silent uterine/cervical cancer. Surgery took place at the University of Minnesota November 18

A pathologist and a doctor, highly recommended in cancer care, were in limbo about the diagnosis. Both of them did a fine job checking the biopsy, finding the baseball fibroid (tumor) had lost its oxygen and blood flow, and turned black, resembling cancer in all aspects.

Right before surgery, I was told by my doctor that I did not have cancer, but they would still have to proceed with the removal of the fibroid (tumor).

I was shocked! I am the second person at the U of M to have this diagnosis.

I signed papers allowing the university to learn from the biopsy.

They removed the fibroid, and the surgery went well.

Recovery has been a day-to-day process. I’m up and about and feeling good, doing light activities.

I will resume back to regular duties and the inspirational column the first of the year.

Great appreciation goes to all of those who have prayed for me, helped me travel to the university many times, brought food, gifts, get well cards, helped with house cleaning, groceries, Christmas shopping, communion, phone calls, emails, facebook, and house visits.

Your Christian light was shining on behalf of a person in great need. God bless you all this Christmas season.

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