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Lakes looking lovely? Thank area lake associations
May 17, 2010

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, WINSTED, WAVERLY, MN – Little by little, dedicated lake association members are livening up lakes all over the area.

A few of the nearby lake associations include the Winsted Lake Watershed Association (WLWA), the Lake Ann Improvement Association, the Howard Lake Watershed Alliance, the Waverly Lake Association, and the Dutch/Mallard Pass Lake Association.

Winsted Lake
WLWA president Beverly Schmitz became part of the association when she purchased lakeshore property in 1993.

Since that time, the WLWA has made substantial improvements, including swim buoys for the beach area, winter aeration of the lake to prevent fish kills, lakeshore cleanup and picnic each spring; and helped with lakefront promenade development, built loon nests for springtime nesting, painted curbs within the city to warn residents not to dump because it drains to the lake, several educational activities, and much more.

Officers for 2010 are: president Beverly Schmitz, vice president Dale Maus, treasurer Leah Schwartrock, and secretary Gary Daigle.

Board members include Rita (Petie) Littfin, Jim Neff, Francis Condon, Mike Nathe, and Beverly Schmitz.

To learn more, call Schmitz at (320) 485-4327.

Howard Lake
“The Howard Lake Watershed Alliance is open to anyone who is interested in the lake or environment in general,” according to alliance president Curt Forst.

The group meets for an appreciation picnic during Good Neighbor Days each June, and also meets in October.

“We’ve started a weed control program,” Forst said. He sends out a newsletter to about 100 people, which includes those living in the watershed area north of the lake.

“We’ve been active since 2000,” Forst said. “The lake has steadily improved as far as water quality is concerned.”

The board of directors includes president Curt Forst, vice president Marilyn Ringold, treasurer Wanda Werner, secretary Gayle Schmidt, and advisors Andy Brisley and Berwyn Schmidt.

For more information, contact Forst at (320) 543-3736.

Waverly Lake
Current officers of the Waverly Lake Association include president Ken Hausladen, vice president Connie Holmes, and treasurer Jim Warzika.

There are also about six board members, and 80 total members.

“The lake association is a central organization in working to maintain and improve the quality of Waverly Lake,” Holmes noted.

The association recently completed a lake management plan, and is working with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to assess the current quality of the lake and the need for better control of evasive aquatic species.

Lake Ann
The Lake Ann Improvement Association was originally incorporated in 1984, according to the association web site, www.lakeannmn.org.

Lake Ann is located between Howard Lake and Winsted, near Wright County Road 6. The lake size is about 386 acres, with a maximum depth of 18 feet.

The original association made much progress in organizing efforts to establish a public landing, stock the lake with walleye, and bring the lake community together.

Current officers include president Debbie Stenberg, treasurer Frank Broughammer, vice president Troy Lange, and members-at-large Rhonda Rae, Stephanie Friesen, Larry Stidger, and Daryll Stenberg.

For more information, contact Debbie Stenberg (320) 543-2440.

Dutch Lake
The Dutch/Mallard Pass Lake Association has made substantial progress since it began a few years ago.

For example, members made the boat landing safer and more usable by clearing dead trees, removing buckthorn, and adding signage and lighting.

They have clean-up days each spring and fall, and continually work to make Dutch Lake, which is located on the east side of Howard Lake, an asset to the community.

The association has been collecting water samples for the past few years, and is hoping to achieve water clarity of five feet someday.

The president is Pat Wilson and vice president is Christie Wood.

Anyone interested finding out more can e-mail dmp_la@yahoo.com, call (763) 807-0866, or go to www.dmpla.org.

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