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Mayer Lutheran High School trains Christian leaders

Feb. 1, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

MAYER, MN – Ask any teacher, secretary, or janitor what they do at Mayer Lutheran High School (MLHS), and chances are, they’ll all give the same response: I’m preparing the next generation of Christian leaders.

“That’s what makes us different,” MLHS Executive Director Joel Landskroener said.

Not only do staff members at MLHS give students an accredited academic education, they also provide a solid basis for developing the whole person – spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially.

“We have graduates who are leaders all over the world,” Landskroener said. The 2,700 MLHS alumni are making a difference in their communities through a variety of occupations.

“They say the ‘proof is in the pudding,’ and our alumni is the pudding,” Landskroener said.

MLHS is an increasingly popular choice even for non-Lutherans, because many parents are seeking a “nurturing, loving, family-type environment for their kids,” according to Landskroener,

The first 10 non-Lutheran students who register each year are also eligible for a $1,850 scholarship, which is renewable for four years, he added.

Any family that is considering MLHS is encouraged to come for a visit.

“If we get a family who has never been on our campus before, there’s a better than 50 percent chance of those children enrolling at Lutheran High,” he said. “Once they’re here, they fall in love with it.”

The reason?

“It’s the people,” Landskroener said. “From the moment you walk in, you’re welcomed. The office staff bends over backwards to help, and there’s not a better group of teachers I’ve ever been with.”

MLHS welcomes students of all abilities, because “Christian leaders come in all shapes and sizes,” Landskroener said.

“We have kids from across the spectrum,” he said, adding that MLHS doesn’t have an entrance exam. “We love bright kids, and we also love kids who struggle.”

Students are encouraged to pursue all types of professions – from agriculture to medicine to ministry.

“Our students become leaders in their churches, communities, and families,” Landskroener said.

At MLHS, leadership training is very intentional, Landskroener said. The school has seminars, speakers, and other activities that foster growth and development.

This past fall, triathlete Tony Schiller of Chanhassen gave a speech about the “quit monster,” encouraging students to persevere in difficult situations.

Another recent speaker was Tim Schmidt of Thrivent Financial, who spoke about “love languages.”

Each grade also attends seminars that help identify individual strengths and interests.

Nearly 90 percent of MLHS students are involved in extra-curricular activities.

“People are amazed at how many activities a school with 252 kids can offer,” Landskroener said.

The annual mission trip to Anapra, Mexico, is another leadership-building activity. This year, 24 students and 12 adults built three houses during Christmas break. This was the fifth time MLHS students have made the trip.

“We’ve made such fun relationships and connections in this spot,” said MLHS teacher Dave Lane, who organizes the mission trips.

In the past, students have done Spanish Vacation Bible School programs and basketball clinics for the children in Mexico, in addition to building houses.

“We’re trying to help one family at a time,” Lane said.

To learn more about MLHS, go to www.lhsmayer.mn.org, call (952) 657-2251, or e-mail info@lhsmayer.org.

Open houses at Mayer Lutheran High School Saturday, Feb. 6 and Feb. 13
The public is invited to two open houses at Mayer Lutheran High School, Saturday, Feb. 6 and Saturday, Feb. 13, from 9 a.m. to noon at the school’s campus, located at 305 5th St. NE in Mayer.

All families that attend either open house and take a guided tour of the school will be entered to win an I-Pod Nano. One will be given away each day. The family and prospective student must take the tour together in order for the student’s name to be entered in the drawing.

While visiting MLHS, guests will be given information about the Timothy Scholarship program that awards $1,850 scholarships to the first 10 students from non-Lutheran backgrounds who wish to attend MLHS.

MLHS, a regional high school open to all students regardless of denomination or worship tradition, is currently enrolling students for the 2010-11 school year. For more information, call the school office at (952) 657-2251.


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