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Entinger opens mulch store and joins Delano business owners
Aug. 23, 2010

By Julie Krienke
Staff Intern

DELANO, MN – People throughout the area are starting to spruce up their yards for the coming fall season. Recently opened Dave’s Mulch Store may be of assistance to those hoping to give their backyard a new look for the coming months.

Dave Entinger of Montrose opened his store for business along Highway 12 in Delano July 6. Specializing in a variety of mulch, Entinger has had several year’s experience in the industry.

After graduating from Watertown High School in 1996, Entinger went right to work in a steel factory. Originally from Waverly, Entinger lived in Winsted before moving to Montrose with his wife, Jamie, and three children Carter, Ellie, and Jack.

“I started with seven years in the steel factory, following my dad,” Entinger said. “I was making light poles at Millerbernd’s. Then I worked one year at JLR Garage Doors with my grandparents.”

It was at this point that Entinger became employed at the Mulch Store in Minnetrista, which is one of the largest in the state.

“I then started with a big mulch company for eight years, doing the same thing I’m doing here,” Entinger said. “I know the business very well, and I know the mulch industry is just going to get stronger and stronger.”

Entinger watched as each year, business at the Mulch Store kept getting better, even as the economy fluctuated.

“Each year was getting bigger and bigger because everybody is always retopping and remulching,” Entinger said.

For this reason, Entinger decided to branch off and create his own business. As soon as Gopher Landscaping and Supply went out of business in June, Entinger moved into the building, located northwest of Delano on Highway 12.

“I decided to stay in a good industry,” Entinger noted. “I moved out from where I was and just took over where he left off. They were looking for a renter, and I believe this is a great spot.”

From there, Entinger got his business up and going. As a mulch supplier, Entinger will offer both dyed and natural mulch, as well as basic mulches for landscaping designs and keeping weeds down.

Dyed mulch will include ruby red, honey gold, forest brown, and chocolate, while natural mulch of hardwood and bark will also be offered.

Entinger will also supply northern white cedar out of northern Minnesota, western red cedar out of Canada, pine bark, and basic mulch. According to Entinger, river rock, sand, and dirt blends will also be carried.

Certified-safe mulch for playgrounds will also be available at Dave’s Mulch Store, and Entinger has recently done playgrounds in the greater area.

“I will be creating a bigger inventory as I go with dirt and edging,” Entinger said. “My main goal is clean material, priced right, and accurate loading and customer service.”

According to Entinger, even though he opened late in the season, business has been good, and everything has run smoothly so far.

“I know I’m so late out of the gate this year,” Entinger said. “It was kind of funny with the start because April and May were huge this year. It took me until June to get going, and I figured I would put the piles out and let people see it.”

Entinger feels that mulch allows people to be more creative than rock does when it comes to landscaping their yards.

“With mulch, you can be more flexible,” Entinger said. “You can really change your whole yard relatively cheap and brighten everything up. I believe it is so much better for the plants because it holds moisture and keeps the weeds down.”

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Entinger is that he runs the businesses solely on his own. What’s more, Entinger promises to always be at the store during business hours.

“I usually deliver in the evenings or if I have to, I’ll bring someone in to do it for me,” Entinger said. “Hopefully, one day I’ll be way too busy and need to bring someone else in.”

For now, the location of Dave’s Mulch Store on Highway 12 may be helpful in bringing in business. Entinger likes to watch as those driving by turn their heads to look at the piles of mulch in the yard.

“It’s a great spot with Highway 12, and Delano is a wonderful town,” Entinger said. “It has a lot of new developments, and everyone is starting to mulch.”

Entinger hopes to cover a great area when it comes to supplying mulch, as he has done business with Maple Grove, Plymouth, Mound, Minnetonka, Buffalo, and Watertown.

“The advertisement for me is the piles,” Entinger said. “You start at one development and work your way right through the community.”

Customers are encouraged to come to the office at the end of the driveway to receive estimates from Entinger, who will also make home deliveries.

“People can come with their square footage, and I can figure out what they need,” Entinger said. “Customers can come in with trucks, trailers, bags, whatever they want to do. Being personal with the customers is what makes good business.”

According to Entinger, Dave’s Mulch Store will be open from April until sometime in November, depending on the weather.

Current hours for the store are 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday.

For more information about Dave’s Mulch Store, contact Entinger at (763) 972-9191 or email davesmulchstore@frontier.com.

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