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Townships announce election, levy results
March 15, 2010

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

WRIGHT, McLEOD, CARVER COUNTIES, MN – Area townships all had annual meetings Tuesday, and many townships also had spring elections.

Watertown Township
Fifty-one votes were cast at the Watertown Township election, and 35 people attended the annual meeting, Chairman Si Tesch said.

Neil Johnson was elected supervisor, and Ann Bruner was re-elected clerk, each with 49 votes.

Voters decided to have 2012 elections in November, on a vote of 42 to nine. The annual meeting will still be the second Tuesday in March.

The budget for 2010 was set at $321,000, which is the same as 2009.

At the annual meeting for Watertown Township, voters settled a feedlot issue, Tesch said.

Twenty-seven people voted to keep the number of animal units allowed at 200 in some areas of the township, and 400 in other areas. This number was first set in 1999, Tesche said.

Five people voted to increase the animal units allowed to 600.

Winsted Township
The levy for 2011 was set at $193,000 for Winsted Township, Clerk Susan Goebel noted.

State Representative Ron Shimanski attended the annual meeting to discuss the state bonding bill.

McLeod County Commissioner Ray Bayerl also attended, presenting information about the economic development authority and the “no net gain” resolution.

New locations for Winsted Township information postings are as follows: Winsted Co-op, Winsted Elevator, and the Winsted Library.

Camden Township
Camden Township passed its 2011 levy at the annual township meeting, Clerk Roger Sauerbrey said.

The general fund is set at $60,000, which is up $4,000 from 2010. The road and bridge fund is $230,000, up $5,000 from 2010.

The fire protection fund is set at $59,000 for 2011, down $16,000 from 2010.

Woodland Township
In Woodland Township, 23 people voted, which was a somewhat smaller than normal turnout, according to Clerk Gloria Janikula.

Ken Pawelk was re-elected supervisor with 18 votes. Four other people each received one vote, and there was one blank ballot.

Janikula was re-elected clerk, with 22 votes.

The 2011 levy remained the same as 2010, at $258,500.

Woodland Township’s cleanup day is scheduled for Saturday, April 17 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Woodland Township hall, Janikula noted. The hall is located at 9065 Clementa Ave. SW in Montrose.

Middleville Township
In Middleville Township, Jim Raymond was elected supervisor for a three-year term. He received 23 votes out of 26 ballots cast. Joey Berg was elected clerk for a two-year term. He received 25 votes of 26 ballots cast.

“It was a somewhat lower turnout than other years,” Berg noted.

A levy of $219,500 was passed, which is up $27,000 from 2010.

Stacy Marquardt from Wright County Planning and Zoning came to the Middleville Township meeting last Monday, Berg noted. She presented preliminary information about the Highway 12 corridor land use plan.

Marysville Township
Richard Sawatzke received all 32 votes that were cast at Marysville Township’s election.

He was re-elected to serve another three-year term as supervisor, Clerk Dorothy Rahn noted.

The levy passed at $223,000 for 2011, which is the same as the past three years.

Rahn, the treasurer/clerk of Marysville Township, will be retiring from her post Monday, May 31 due to health reasons.

In April, Marysville Township will be sending out a newsletter with township updates, Rahn said.

Bergen Township
For Bergen Township, the levy for 2011 was set at $265,000, which is the same as last year, Clerk Amy Meyer said.

The allocation of funds shifted slightly, however, with $200,000 in the road and bridge fund, $30,000 in the general fund, and $35,000 in the fire protection fund.

Hollywood Township
The 2011 levy for Hollywood Township stayed the same as 2010, Supervisor Ron Kassulker said.

The general fund was set at $60,000, and the road and bridge fund was set at $120,000.

Victor Township
Sharon Glessing was re-elected clerk in Victor Township, and Burton Horsch was re-elected supervisor.

They each received about 26 votes.

The 2011 levy stayed the same as 2010, at $270,000.


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