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The White family loves travel and adventure
March 29, 2010

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – Brad White and his family aren’t afraid to expand their horizons – whether it’s traveling to foreign countries, running a technology business, or investing in rental properties.

Brad and his wife, Laura, live on four acres in Delano with their sons, Quintin, 15, and Garrett, 17.

An adventurous spirit runs in the family, and the Whites enjoy taking exotic travel excursions as well as short, close-to-home getaways.

“In the wintertime, we like to ski and snowboard together,” Brad said.

This year, Brad had to sit out, however, because he injured his shoulder doing the family’s favorite summer activity – dirt biking.

“We camp out with the RV, and pull our motorcycles in the trailer,” Brad said. Typically, they take two RV trips per year, going to places like the Black Hills, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

Brad and his sons like to spend two or three hours at a time on the trails, but Laura prefers other types of travel.

“She gets us all ready with the food and says ‘adios,’” Brad said.

Laura is originally from a suburb near Mexico City, and her family came to the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois when she was 6.

“Her mom was a single mother with five kids,” Brad said. Laura’s mother had a good job in Mexico, but she wanted her children to grow up in the US.

Brad, who grew up in northwest Iowa, met Laura through mutual friends in Illinois.

After they got married, Brad and Laura moved to the Twin Cities, and later came to Delano when their children started school.

“We heard that Delano had a good school,” Brad said.

Garrett and Quintin are both on the track team at Delano High School, and Quintin also plays football.

Garrett, who has taken advanced Chinese courses, has traveled to China to further his studies.

The Whites also take plenty of trips as a family.

“We loved Hawaii,” Brad said. “The Caribbean was really great, too.”

Another favorite destination is Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, located south of California.

The Playa de Carmen, located in the southern portion of Mexico, is one of Brad’s favorite beaches.

“It’s more authentic,” he said. “Cancun is so commercialized.”

Brad also has the opportunity to travel throughout the midwest, through his business, First Systems Technology. The company provides automation and instrumentation for factories and cities.

Brad, who has a degree in computer programming and electronics, also does computer repair work and networking installation.

Laura is an accountant, and takes care of all the bookkeeping.

Real estate investing is another income generator for the White family.

“I like working on houses – rebuilding and repairing,” Brad said.

The family typically selects houses and town homes in the northwest metro area, such as Maple Grove and St. Michael.

“We get the kids involved in it, too, so that they learn,” Brad said. “We’ve always worked together.”


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