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Big changes in store for the Delano Royalty Organization
April 19, 2010

Program will now crown ambassadors, instead of queen and princesses

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – Since its one-year break with no royalty several years back and the restructuring of its program, the Delano Royalty Organization has been looking for ways it can improve the program.

“Very few girls are knocking at our door asking for applications to be a part of our program,” said Delano Royalty Organization Co-chairperson Erin Klinkner. “The past few years, we’ve had to do a lot of recruiting at school, over the phone, and in person.

She said the organization has tried to remedy this, but can’t find the one exact “problem” to fix.

“After trying many minor changes, our committee has agreed it is time for some larger adjustments,” Klinkner said.

Over the years, the organization has heard potential candidates say something to the tune of “my parents are too busy to make the time commitment, so I am not able to run.”

“This disappoints us as a committee, and we believe that every girl who has the interest should be able to run, and nothing should hold her back,” Klinkner said. “We have always lent a helping hand to these girls in the past, but haven’t done anything to rectify this situation.”

At the royalty organization’s meeting this month, it was decided that, in order to give every girl the opportunity to run, to eliminate that factor.

“Starting with our new 2010-2011 royalty, when the girls go to Delano events, parades, and coronations in other towns, they will be chaperoned by a Delano Royalty Organization committee member,” Klinkner explained. “This is now the senior girls’ chance to make our program their own.”

In addition to the chaperone change, the organization has swayed from tradition with sad hearts, but also a lot of excitement for the future of the Delano Royalty Organization.

“We are changing from a Miss Delano and two princesses, to three royal ambassadors,” Klinkner said. “The three girls will reign equally throughout most of their year. This was a hard decision for us as a committee, not only because breaking tradition is hard to do, but also with the timing of our coronation, with Aquatennial a few weeks later.

Klinkner said it would be hard to get the Aquatennial candidate for that year prepped for such a grand event with so little time.

“We have come to the conclusion that in April, we will have a meeting with the three reigning ambassadors and announce who will be going to represent Delano at the Queen of the Lakes Coronation,” she said. “This will give us as a committee and the young woman who will represent our town enough time to prepare all the paperwork, attend the orientation, and go dress shopping.”

As a committee, Klinkner said the royalty organization believes its program is a very positive opportunity for young women and does not want any girl to be held back or scared away from the memory-making, friendships, and personal growth.

“We believe that these changes are for the positive, and can’t wait to watch our program continue to grow,” Klinkner said.

New button design unveiled at expo

As it has for the past few years, the Delano Royalty Organization unveiled the 2010 festival button at the Delano Area chamber of Commerce Community Expo April 10.

The button is being sold for $3 this year, where in years past it was $5, Klinkner noted.

“We have also switched to a drawing instead of coupons attached to the button, so be sure that when you buy your button, to flip it over, fill out the slip of paper on the back with your name, address, and phone number, then put it into the bowl beside the buttons,” she explained. The prizes will be listed on the bowl. Button sale locations will be announced in the near future.

“We will pick the drawing winners at the meet-the-candidates event, which this year will take place at the Delano City Hall in the council chambers Wednesday, June 23 at 7 p.m.

For more information on the Delano Royalty Organization or to inquire about candidacy, visit http://www.orgsites.com/mn/delanoroyalty/ or e-mail delanoroyalty@gmail.com.


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